Introducing Sweet Tea Ministry

Oh friends! Today is a BIG DAY! I have been feeling a nudge in my spirit for a few months now that I have been praying about, and I am ready to share what's been on my heart. Sweet Tea & Saving Grace is becoming Sweet Tea Ministry! Keep reading to find out all the goodness coming your way!

{Keep reading to learn more about new content, including a new podcast (!!!), the NEW Sweet Tea Shop,  and in-person retreats and events!}

Sweet Tea & Saving Grace is becoming Sweet Tea Ministry, with a two-fold mission: to help women study the Bible more often and more effectively, and to empower women to talk about God in their daily conversations.

It’s interesting to look back on the last several years of my life, and this blog. As I was living the moments, and writing the blog posts, it just felt normal. But now, I can look back and see that God has been preparing me for ministry.

In December 2013, I had an encounter with the Lord and, in obedience to Him, I stepped away from my home here on the internet until He was ready for me to come back. And since that time, He has blessed this space in ways I never imagined. I started an online business that eventually allowed me to quit a job that sucked the life out of me, and all of the skills I’ve gained since that time are now being used in my job as Communications Director at my church.

A few weeks ago, I asked on social media, “What is ‘ministry’ to you?”

Here’s what some of you said:

  • “Serving others to bless them.”
  • “Service with a heart for God.”
  • “Serving God by serving others-in whatever capacity that may mean.”

The definition of “ministry” in the dictionary says this:
“the spiritual work or service of any Christian or a group of Christians, especially evangelism”. 
And that brings us to this…

Introducing Sweet Tea Ministry

Sweet Tea & Saving Grace will become Sweet Tea Ministry. So what does that mean for this online space, and for you?

Before we get into specifics, I think I should begin by sharing the mission of Sweet Tea Ministry.

My mission for Sweet Tea Ministry is two-fold:

#1 – To empower and excite women to read and study their Bible more often and more effectively

#2 – To encourage women to have open conversations about God in their day-to-day lives

Now let’s dig into what that will look like!

There are four main components to Sweet Tea Ministry: the blog and YouTube channel, the Faith Shop, the podcast, and events.


The content I’ve created and shared over the years has taken many iterations, but if you look at the past year or so, you’ll find more content about my faith, and more specifically, about my Bible studies. 

Going forward, I’ll be sharing more of that. I’ll share notes from my own Bible studies, tips for digging into scripture, reviews of my favorite products, and more! These will be in the format of both written blog posts and YouTube videos.

Side note: I’ll still occasionally share posts about my travels, my home, or planners because that’s all part of what makes me ME! But the majority of my posts will be faith-based.

WANT TO START DIGGING IN? Try these posts:


Yep! Grab your earbuds because we’re going podcasting! 

I hosted a podcast for online business owners for three years, and it was one of my favorite aspects of my business. So when I began praying over how to help women dig into scripture, podcasting was a no-brainer!

The Sweet Tea & Saving Grace Podcast will launch in July 2019, and each episode will dig into a specific scripture or topic in a way that will encourage you to follow along in your own Bible!

I plan to occasionally have a guest from time to time, because I truly believe the Bible is alive, and everyone has a unique perspective of what the Word says to them. 

My goal is also to eventually create and publish reading plans and other goodies to help you follow along, participate in the conversation, and get more out of your own personal Bible study time.


The Sweet Tea Shop is LIVE and is a collection of my favorite Bible study tools and books, as well as exclusive items like jewelry, tees, and totes to help you show your faith everyday!

Some of the items in the shop are linked to third-party brands, like Cultivate What Matters, Christian Bookstore, and Amazon. These will be affiliate links to my go-to Bible study tools and other items I use and love.

Other items are exclusive to Sweet Tea Ministry. Each month, I’ll add new items to the shop, including limited-edition jewelry, t-shirts and other apparel, tote bags, and other fun goodies!

In addition, I’ve instituted what I call the “Pay-It-Forward Initiative”. Each month, there will be a featured item and a featured charity, and 100% of profits from the sale of that featured item will go to the charity, as well as 10% of all shop profits.

Read more about the Pay-It-Forward Initiative and check out this month’s item and charity HERE.



God created us to crave community and thrive in the presence of people who encourage us to live our best lives. I firmly believe in the power of community, which is why I will occasionally host in-person events!

Our first event is the Sixty-Two Retreat. This retreat is a three-day retreat, September 12-15, 2019, in a gorgeous lake house on Lake Oconee, located in beautiful Greensboro, Georgia. All of the details and registration can be found on the Sixty-Two Retreat page.

If you live anywhere near Atlanta, GA, stay tuned for more events and gatherings!

I am so excited to see what the Lord has in store for Sweet Tea Ministry, and for YOU as we take this journey together! If you have any questions, feedback, or ideas, I’m open to them!

Please be in prayer for this online space – that it will be used to glorify Him; for me – that my words will be truth and I will stay in His will; for you, and everyone who comes in contact with Sweet Tea Ministry – that the Lord will give you discernment and wisdom, and you will be blessed each time you come here.

That is my prayer for you – that you will be blessed by everything I create and share through Sweet Tea Ministry. I am blessed just to have you here.


There is so much goodness coming your way, so be sure to sign up for the Sweet Tea Newsletter so you don’t miss a thing!

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  1. Congrats on the launch of the Sweet Tea Ministry!! And happy birthday! I am so excited for you and to see where this new endeavor takes you. I am especially excited about the focus on Bible study. That is something that has been on my soul a lot this year, specifically finding ways to dig deeper into God’s word as part of growing a stronger, deeper relationship with Him. Praying for you!!

  2. This looks so amazing! I can’t wait to continue following this venture, and I’m incredibly excited about your new podcast! I look forward to hitting your shop, too.

  3. Congratulations on your launch! Blessings to you as you continue to bless others through ministry. Can’t wait to see all the exciting things God has for you.

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