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A few months ago, I stumbled across the blog of Shanna Noel and immediately became obsessed with all things Bible journaling.  I’ve been an avid journal keeper most of my life – I have boxes of journals dating back to middle school through present day.  And while I’ve spent seasons of my life enjoying personal Bible studies, I’ve never thought to journal them.  I’ve decided to create a new habit of Bible study & journaling, so today I want to share with you some ideas for Journaling Your Faith.
Journaling Your Faith  |  Sweet Tea & Saving GraceBible journaling, even journaling in general, is a very personal process, so how you do it will be different from how I do it, and that’s ok.  There is no right or wrong.  And Bible journaling may not work for you at all, and that’s ok, too!

Because I love to journal, and I love to be crafty, I feel that Bible journaling can bring a new level of meaning to my Bible study time, and I’m looking forward to that.

First let me show you the tools that I have on hand for my own Bible journaling, and explain them just a bit:
Journaling Your Faith  |  Sweet Tea & Saving GraceESV Single Column Journaling Bible: I looked through several journaling Bibles both online & in stores before purchasing this one.  It’s a good size – small enough that it travels well but still leaves room for journaling.  This one was also at a price point I was comfortable with, coming in at just under $30 with free Amazon Prime shipping.
Journaling Your Faith  |  Sweet Tea & Saving GraceSmall Lined Notebook: I kind of have a notebook addiction.  I blame my mother and all those super cute school supplies she used to buy for me.  Whatever the reason, these little notebooks that Target carries are perfect for my prayer and scripture journaling.  I plan to use this one to write down any verses that jump out at me.  It’s also the perfect size to keep in my hand bag to write down prayer requests as I get them from friends and family.
Journaling Your Faith  |  Sweet Tea & Saving GraceStamps & Ink, Colored Pencils, Various Scrapbook Supplies: I know my drawing capabilities are extremely limited, but I do love color and all the fun scrapbook supplies I’ve collected over the years.  I plan to use these to add dimension to my Bible pages, highlight verses, draw pictures to the best of my ability, etc.

Resources & Workshops

Women Living Well Bible Coloring Chart: I’ve been reading Courtney’s blog, Women Living Well, for a long time.  She has put together a free printable coloring chart that helps to highlight different parts of verses as they relate to specific topics.  She put together a great video that explains it, and she shares the supplies she personally uses in her own Bible.

Shanna Noel’s blog
: Let’s just say that everything on her blog is inspiring.  She shares her own Bible journaling, plus has tons of guest bloggers sharing their own Bibles full of inspiration.
Illustrated Faith: There are a couple other resources from Shanna Noel and this is one of them.  Illustrated Faith is a website full of videos, tutorials, and other resources to help you dig deeper into Bible journaling.  Also be sure to check out the list of workshops – there may be one in your area.

Illustrated Faith on Big Picture Classes: Shanna teaches a “Getting Started” workshop for anyone interested in Bible journaling.  The class is available online on Big Picture Classes.
CJWChristian Journal Writers Journaling Conference 2015: Starts TODAY!  The National Association of Christian Journal Writers is hosting a FREE online 3-day conference dedicated to Christian journaling.  It runs today, March 18, through March 20, 2015.  If this is of interest to you, be sure to become a member of NACJW while you’re there for even more resources.  It’s also free.
30 Days of Prayer Journaling: Alyssa, blogger at Life From My Laptop, put together this 30 day series to guide you through prayer journaling.  She’s also one of the speakers at the 3-day Journaling Conference, speaking on the same topic.  Also, by signing up for her newsletter, you’ll get a free 7-day guide to setting up your prayer journal.

Do you journal in your Bible?  I’d love to see pictures or get some tips from you!  Share in the comments!

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  1. Yay! This makes me SO happy to see that we’re on the same “page” with this exciting, inspiring movement. I had spied Shanna’s course on Big Picture Classes through Instagram…that’s definitely on my wish list of things to pursue this spring. Also, thanks for the link to the 30 Days of Prayer Journaling. Off to check that out next! Have a great start to your week, my fabulous friend. And I hope you get some sweet time with God through your Journaling Bible in the days ahead. XOXO

  2. Hello Kirsten =)

    Haven’t been over in a bit (working hard on writing my next kids novel)…but I had a break and wanted to see what you were up to. After sighing a dozen times, clicking through all the amazing treats and recipes (and gaining an extra 61 one lbs)…I found this article.

    You know that, after half my life being a journaling guy (I’m 46 this year), I actually had no idea that many people kept journals other than myself and perhaps my mother when she was alive. I teach my kids to do it, but most of them haven’t found the passion for it. I have a daily journal–my thoughts, feelings, but mostly my spiritual growth.

    Now my scriptures, well–that’s a whole story in and of itself. Most of what i read has been highlighted in one way or another. It’s how I learn.

    Loved the variations you gave and though I limit myself to 3 main colors, they are effective for study and grasping concepts quickly.

    BLUE: is used for something extra important that i should take notice of. Things that i can use, right now, in my life.

    GREEN: is any reward or blessing that i would receive from God should I keep His word…

    RED: is for all warnings or punishments, should I not listen or turn down the wrong path.

    Fun thing is, most scripture study has a good and bad side—so the red and green really jump out as your studying something you’ve already gone over…and it’s nice for quick reminders.

    I think your article is perfect for my kids—and most likely will be a motivator for them, especially since ALL my 8 daughters like to scrapbook! The visuals will get them =)

    Thank you for sharing!!

    Jaime Buckley

  3. Hey man! How the heck are ya!? I’m so glad you popped in and shared your method for scripture journaling. I love the color-coding you use – like you said, it’s simple but effective. The goal is to gain something from reading scripture, regardless of the method you use. I hope your kiddos find some useful tips here! By the way, keep your eyes peeled – there will be a Bible journaling giveaway here on the blog very soon! 😉

  4. Wow! What a fun and creative way in expressing faith! Thank you for posting this Kirsten! I think I need to start doing this and share it to my friends too! I’m sure we’ll all enjoy practicing our faith better than ever 🙂

  5. I love your post on bible journaling! Lots of great tips and ideas. I enjoy getting creative with the time I spend with the Lord. I haven’t incorporated scrapbooking supplies into my journaling, but I do love to doodle and draw in my journal when I’m studying His word.


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