Last-Minute Christmas Gifts That People Actually Want

If you're reading this post, you're probably in a bit of a panicked state realizing just how close it is to Christmas and just how many more gifts you have left to purchase. You don't want to get just any old gift. You want something thoughtful and something that will be appreciated, but what can you get that's so last-minute? No worries, my friend! I've got some last-minute Christmas gifts that don't require any shipping and are not gift cards. Read on!

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I realize how easy it is to pick up a few gift cards when you’re stressed about what to get someone on your list, especially when it’s getting down to the wire and you can’t think of something awesome. And a lot of people will appreciate gift cards, but let’s be honest…there’s no heart behind that, right?

Listen, I’ve been there. In fact, last Christmas was just a mess and here I was, less than two weeks away from the big day, and I still had NOTHING for my husband or my mother. How terrible is that? They’re both so hard to shop for, so that made it tough, but I also had been so busy with my business that I hadn’t had time to put much thought into their gifts.

But I found a few things that ended up being so awesome and so appreciated, and I’ve put them on this list, along with several other thoughtful last-minute Christmas gifts. 

None of these gifts require you to wait for a product to be shipped – you can purchase them, print off something explaining the gift, and wrap that up! 

And none of these things are gift cards because…well, they’re lame. So let’s get to gifting!

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Thoughtful Last-Minute Christmas Gifts

Last year, when I couldn’t think of anything to give my mom, I came across Storyworth and realized just how perfect it was for her. She has spent the past year writing her life stories and they will soon be printed in a book for us to keep forever!


  • When you purchase Storyworth as a gift, you can schedule a welcome email that will be sent to the gift recipient on a specific day. That means you can have the email delivered on Christmas without ruining the surprise!
  • Storyworth will send weekly emails to the recipient with writing prompts. They can use the prompt given, generate a new prompt, or write their own. 
  • To write their stories, the recipient simply replies to the prompt emails. Storyworth does the rest!
  • The cost of Storyworth includes a beautiful hardback book containing all of their amazing stories.


As of December 2023, the cost is about $90 and that includes a $10 off deal for the holidays that is valid through January 1st. 

Gift Idea #2: Small Venue Concert

I mentioned that I was at a loss for a gift for my husband last year, but I finally thought of something that we both were able to enjoy together. 

He loves Larry Fleet, and it just so happened that Larry Fleet was performing at a small venue in Tennessee, only 3 hours away from where we live, in February. Tickets were reasonable because it was a smaller venue, so I bought two tickets and planned a weekend getaway for the two of us. He loved it!

The Larry Fleet concert we attended was at The Caverns in Pelham, Tennessee. This place was INSANE. It’s literally an underground cavern. Standing room only, there’s room for only 1200 people. It was the most incredible concert experience ever (and that’s saying something, because I saw Garth Brooks in his prime in the 90s, y’all.)

We made a weekend out of it, visiting Chattanooga for the day, eating good food, visiting the zoo, and having a memorable trip together. 

Check out small venues near you, or plan a weekend getaway!

Particularly if you’re stumped for a gift for your significant other, a gift of 12 Months of Dates can be a fantastic gift that you both enjoy year-round!

I did this for Mark several years ago and we got to be tourists in our own city, visiting some places we hadn’t been since we were kids on a school field trip, and other places we’d never been. It was such a fun and unique gift of quality time.

I’ve actually got an entire post dedicated to 12 Months of Dates, complete with a free printable that you can use. (See how easy I made this for you? You’re welcome!)

How many people do you know who take tons fo pictures with their phone but never get them printed? (Me. I’d love this as a gift.)

Chatbooks makes it easy to get your photos off of your phone and into a printed keepsake album, either as a one-time gift, or as a monthly subscription.


  • Subscription plans start as low as $7/month for mini Chatbooks.
  • Recipient will use the Chatbooks app to sync with the photos on their phone, drag & drop up to 30 photos into their monthly book, and send to print.
  • Add captions, select from a ton of cover designs, choose soft or hard cover, and more!
  • Free shipping!


As of December 2023, mini Chatbooks start at $7/month, and regular monthly Chatbooks range from $12/month for soft cover and $20/month for hard cover.

If someone on your list is an avid reader, this is an excellent gift idea! Book of the Month is just what it says – a monthly book sent to the recipient. (Again, this is one that I’d absolutely love to receive!)


  • Book of the Month features new releases in various genres, and the recipient gets to choose one (or more) to enjoy each month.
  • Subscription credits can also be used for audiobooks.
  • If the recipient gets behind or just doesn’t like that month’s offerings, they can skip and keep their credits for future use.


As of December 2023, Book of the Month offers 3 month subscriptions for $60, 6 month subscriptions for $100, and a full year subscription for $200.

Similar to Book of the Month, Lollipop Book Club is a kid-friendly version that allows you to choose the age range, and select one-time gifts for a subscription.


  • Books for age ranges beginning at birth to age 13.
  • Choose from board books, pictures books, or chapter books for select age ranges.
  • Each book comes with lollipops (of course!) or you can swap out for stickers. 


Price varies based on length of subscription and age range of books in the subscription. 

This is in a similar vain as Chatbooks, but instead of creating keepsakes from your recent photos, Legacybox helps preserve your existing keepsakes. I was gifted Legacybox for Christmas last year and it was amazing! I received a big empty box that I filled up with printed photos and old home movies, sent them in, and a couple months later, they were all digitized. I can now go watch old movies of my daughter when she was teeny tiny any time I want, and they’re preserved on my computer and on a hard drive!


  • Legacybox can digitize tapes, photos, film, and audio.
  • Pay for as small or large of a package as you need, from two items to 100 or more! 
  • Once your items are digitized, you can choose how you wish to preserve them – on the cloud, thumb drive, or labeled DVDs.
  • Receive your original files back when they are completed.


As of December 2023, plans start at $60 for 2 items, but with their holiday special, it’s only $27. There are several add-on options as well. 

For the avid crafter in your life, why not surprise them with a monthly craft kit delivered right to their door?

Annie’s Kit Club has so many options to choose from. Some of them incude:

  • Cardmaker: create 8-10 cards per month
  • Quilt Clubs: various designs to choose from allow the recipient to make one quilt square each month
  • Crochet Clubs: different crochet projects include crochet squares and new lines of crochet for each month
  • Kits for Kids: kid-friendly crafting each month
  • Jewelry Club: learn different beading techniques with each new kit

And tons more!

As of December 2023, Annie’s Kit Clubs were $19.99/month. 

A few years ago, my daughter was in the film department in high school with a desire to pursue film in college and beyond. For Christmas one year, I gave her a membership to MasterClass. She was able to learn various aspects of the film industry from such masters in their craft as Ron Howard, Martin Scorsese, and James Cameron, to name a few.

MasterClass is amazing, putting true masters in the teacher seat, with classes ranging from arts & entertainment to food, home & lifestyle, writing, and more. A membership gives you access to all of them.

Skillshare is similar in that it is a seemingly endless offering of online education, but not from well-known “masters”. Classes range from content creation (think blogging, Pinterest, SEO, etc.) to fine art and graphic design to music and photography, and so much more.

As of December 2023, MasterClass plans start at $10/month. Skillshare offers many classes for free, but membership pricing varies. View their website for details.

Whatever you give (or receive) this year, I hope it’s amazing and thoughtful! Happy gifting and Merry Christmas!



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