Let’s Talk Turkey…Ribbon Turkey, That Is!

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I want to introduce you to a cute new addition to my dining room table – it’s Tom Turkey!
Ain’t he cute?!?  Wanna make your own?  Ok!  Here’s how:
Gather your ribbon in lovely fall colors, our little stick pins, and a small round styrofoam ball:

I cut a bunch of ribbon into strips 3 1/2″ long, then pinned them in loops all over the styrofoam ball.  I drew a line on the ball with a Sharpie to note where my tail feathers would go.

After you fill it all in with his body feathers, get some cute fall grosgrain ribbon in different colors and patterns, cut strips for the back row into 6″ strips, and the front row into 4 1/2″ strips, then pin those down, and your done with his body!

Just a tip:  Put a pin behind the back row of tail feathers to keep the ribbon loops upright.  Promise, it works.
Finally, add googly eyes and a construction paper beak, and you’re done!

My daughter thinks he’s cute as pie 🙂  Mmmmm….pecan pie… 
I’m so ready for Thanksgiving dinner! 

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