Living My Life – January Check-In

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Earlier this month, I shared with you my goals for 2013.  I use the term “goals” rather than “resolutions” for a reason.

I don’t keep resolutions.

There.  I said it.  Out in the open, just like that.  *whew*

My main goal for this year is to Live My Life.  To be more present in the moments that make a life worth living.

I broke this goal into three parts – Simplify.  Participate.  Create.  I’m checking in today with my progress so far.

I have been reading a daily devotion during my lunch break every single day.  It’s a short devotion with a Bible verse that focuses on setting a Christian example as a parent.

I simplified the way I maintain our family’s budget and cash flow by using Google Drive rather than a paper checkbook register.  {Absolutely one of the best decisions I ever made.}

The hubs and I have completely rebuilt our coat closet and made it so pretty and wonderful! Here is the work in progress – come back tomorrow for the full reveal!  *squeal!*  We also organized our pantry!  See…..

We played a lot this month.  Marley’s chorus group from school sang the National Anthem at a minor league hockey game in the Atlanta area.  Rather than buying the cheap seats, we splurged to sit up against the glass and really enjoy the experience.
Marley is a horseback rider, so when we had an opportunity to go play with three horses who belong to a friend of ours, we jumped at the chance.  Marley, the Horse Whisperer, spent most of her time with Kate.
I, on the other hand, preferred the company of the laughable (and lovable) Skidboot.  Here’s Skidboot and I saying “cheese”.
The hubs even got in on the fun, hand-feeding Skidboot and Lakota.
And, I did something I’ve never done before (one of my goals for each month this year).  I led a craft project with my friends!  We had a Valentine’s Day Wine & Craft Party at my home and had an absolute ball!

I finally got around to creating something I saw on Pinterest, thanks to a new feature here on the blog – Mission: Monthly Medium.  January’s craft medium was burlap, so I (with the help of my mom and my husband) created burlap curtains!

As far as creating deeper relationships, I think I’m doing well in that area also.  The hubster and I are closer than ever, and gearing up for our 5-year anniversary in April.  I love him so much it’s disgusting – you can read our love story HERE.

I love spending time with this cute little thing here, too – she’s my heart and I love surprising her from time to time.  For instance, she loves this little corner grocery that is on the way to our old house – since we’ve moved, we never pass it anymore.  The other day, out of the blue, I detoured and stopped there for her to get her favorite snack – an IBC Root Beer and a Moonpie!

I have been working on creating a better me, physically speaking.  I joined the gym earlier this month and have made an effort to spend my lunch hour on most days working out.  I hate it, but I’m staring to not hate it so much.  I’m starting to feel kind of okay about it.  That’s progress, folks!

I’ve also been trying to make a conscious effort to stay off of the computer until she goes to bed, unless it’s just unavoidable.  We haven’t been so great about implementing Friday Family Night each week, but hey – it’s only January!

So far, so good!  How are you doing with your goals for 2013?

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7 Responses

  1. You are doing wonderfully well! And what fun you are having in the meantime. I don’t keep resolutions either. Goals are much more realistic.

  2. You have already created so much, including inspiration from me. I am sure your family is inspired as well. Great work, glad to have found you. It’s lovely here.

  3. I love the visuals you used to define your words. Awesome! (But what’s up with that Michigan gear on your husband?) 🙂

  4. I love these words, and they’re definitely things I need to work on too. I love how they can be so abstract yet have such concrete actions associated with them. You’ve done so much!


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