Laundry Room Makeover

Remember those four weeks back in September where I had you vote on all the options for my laundry room makeover?  Well, I’m elbow-deep in taking your choices and turning them into a real life makeover.  While I’m busy painting and decorating, I wanted to show you what YOU picked!

Laundry Room Choices  |  Sweet Tea & Saving Grace

First, let me extend a HUGE “thank you” to all of you who voted.  I greatly appreciate the help!  I love to decorate my home, but sometimes choosing the details of each room are the toughest part!

Second, y’all are some seriously fabulous designers!  I am so pleased with everything you chose and can’t wait to put it all together!

Ready to see the final choices?

YOUR Favorite – Color Palette:

Street Tones

YOUR Favorite – Flooring:

Concrete and Stencil Laundry Floor | Sweet Tea & Saving Grace

YOUR Favorite – Lighting:

Laundry Makeover | Sweet Tea & Saving Grace

YOUR Favorite – Shelving:

Laundry Makeover | Sweet Tea & Saving Grace

Oh my goodness friends!  Isn’t it going to be so fabulous?!  I cannot WAIT to put the finishing touches on my laundry room and show you the BIG REVEAL very soon!  Pat yourself on the back, y’all.  You did a knock-out job of selecting the perfect look for my laundry room.

Are your favorites on this list?

One Response

  1. Oh wow! This is fantastic, Kirsten – – the readers chose well because this laundry room is going to be so beautiful after seeing these inspiration images. Thanks for letting us weigh in (yes! my favorites were in the mix). Can’t wait to see how it all turns out. HUGS!


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