Marley’s Monthly Moo – School Organization

I am too excited for words right now!  I am proud to introduce you to the brand spankin’ new monthly feature on One Tough Mother:
My daughter Marley (nicknamed “Moo”) has graciously accepted my offer to write a blog post each month! WOO HOO!!!  Each month, she’ll bring you fresh new insight from the world of a 10-year old girl in 5th grade.  So, without further ado, I now present to you, the first installment in Marley’s Monthly Moo!!!
Here are some tips to help your kids stay neat and organized for the school year!
Hi, I’m Marley.  I am in the 5th grade.  And this is my first post on One Tough Mother.  I’m not very organized.  This year I found many ways to stay neat.
The last couple of years I had a binder, and I could never keep the papers together.  This year I got an accordian file.
I put the tabs in like this:
1. Homeroom – papers that go home to get signed and returned
2. Math
3. Science
4. Social Studies
5. Reading
6. Language Arts/English
7. T.A.G. – Talented And Gifted class
8. Art
9. P.E.
10. Music
11. Notebook Paper
12. Notes
13. Extra
At my school we have homework agendas.  If your school doesn’t have them they are easy to find at an office supply store.
***Note from Mom:  Marley’s school gives each student an agenda for free every year and it is awesome.  If your child doesn’t get one for free, it is a great idea to buy an inexpensive one for them.  Marley writes down all of her homework assignments in her agenda.  It’s also an easy way for me to communicate with her teacher – they check it every morning, so I can write a note for them to see the next day!***
I have a quiet homework station in mom’s office.  It helps me concentrate.  I always have a pencil wheel, a 5th grade folder, my agenda, my homework, pencil sharpener, crayons, journals, and computer.
***Note from Mom:  Every new school year, Marley gets a new file folder to contain her take-home work that we keep after it’s completed.  At the end of each semester, we go through it and weed out the trash from the papers we’ll keep for her school scrapbook album.***
Thank you for reading Marley’s Monthly Moo!  Have a good school year!
{And thanks from her proud momma}
By the way, if you have a topic or question for Marley, please leave a comment below.  She is very excited to be a part of One Tough Mother and is willing to help you help your kids!


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