MORE Craft Room Organization

As promised, here is Part II to my Craft Room Organization.  (If you missed Part I yesterday, go here.)  Two of my issues involved random ribbon scattered everywhere and random scrap pieces of paper scattered everywhere.
Problem #1 – Ribbon, Ribbon Everywhere:
It was a mess, so I bought this:
And now, my ribbon looks SO much better!
For the spools of ribbon that are either new or still have a lot of ribbon on them, I organized them by color and arranged a little bin for those:
Now if I could only stop buying ribbon, I’d be good!  But, Michael’s was having a SALE!
Anyway, issue #2 was the random scraps of scrapbook paper.  I organized by color and holiday and put it all neatly in here:
I also have this little square rolly tub thingy (official term) with my pads of scrapbook paper, page protectors, and stamps:
Now I can easily navigate to exactly what I need!  And all of my crafty stuff is right here next to my table, at my fingertips.
I love bringing order from chaos!  It’s a nice sense of accomplishment.  🙂
See you tomorrow!

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