Movers & Shakers

{Our New House!}
My family and I are scheduled to close on our new house in a week.  I’m so excited I can hardly stand myself, but that also means I’m losing my mind.
{Multiply this stack times…oh, about 15.  Yea, we’re swimmin’ in ’em.}
Boxes everywhere!  Seriously, the house is in shambles.  We’ve sorted and thrown away and donated and boxed up most of our possessions, living on bare bones.  (Paper plates and plastic cups are fine china and crystal right now.)
Bare with me as I try to focus on the move and get settled into our new home.  I’ll post occasionally over the next couple of weeks, but I will definitely not be posting at my usual intervals.
– Thank you for stopping by!  I’m so sorry you’ve caught me at a busy time in my life.  Please be sure to check out the projects I’ve posted about in the past, and enjoy the craft tutorials.  Go HERE to see quick links to all the goodies!
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Thanks for your patience!


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