My {Future} Home Inspiration

A lot of you know that my family and I are moving soon.  I’m decorating and re-decorating and re-re-decorating in my head, and in my notebook, and on Pinterest….over and over again.
I’m so excited!!!
We have been renting a home for 3 years now – which translates to ME being crazy about decorating living in a home I CAN’T DECORATE!!!  Not the way I want to, anyway.  Can’t paint the walls, can’t hang pictures (not too many), change light fixtures, etc.
Finally, in about 4 short weeks, I will be in our new house and can do anything I want to make it ours!
Here’s the color palette I’m considering for the main level of the house (minus the pink, though):
We’re planning on the beige color for the main wall areas.  The terra cotta orange will be the accent wall surrounding the fireplace in the living room.  The softer blue will be my craft room, and the dining room will be painted navy blue.  I can add touches of green and more of the terra cotta in pillows, curtains, etc.
The dining room in our new house already has the bead board so it’ll look a bit like this:
(Not quite so big, though, unfortunately, but we’ll manage!)
We have this exact table set, which will work perfectly in our dining room:
Because our table is square, I’m kinda diggin’ this square rug from IKEA to go under the table:
And for the curtains, picture these to the floor with the terra cotta color in a wide ribbon as tie-backs:
Maybe even a double ribbon, using the terra cotta orange and the soft green???  Hmmmm….
Anyway, I’m hoping to do some pallet art for one wall.  I want something like this, but in my colors – see the “EAT” sign on the left:
I saw this on Lolly Jane Boutique’s blog 🙂
Funny thing is, I constantly have to tell my daughter to EAT!!!  So now, I can just point to the sign!  Tee hee hee…
Oh, by the way, we have already ordered our new living room furniture from Rooms to Go – check it:
Seriously, June 9th cannot get here quick enough!!!

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  1. I just wandered over from a pinterest board on DIY planners so I may not be eligible to vote but I will anyway. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the navy and white walls. I should tell you that I have deep chocolate walls in my den-ish space and my cottage master has 3 med-dark grey walls and one slamming amazing dark purple wall- its actually called Black Tulip- so I have a thing for dark walls. But I admit I never thought of Navy-it is stunning.


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