MY Project Life – Weeks 1 & 2

2012 began my 2nd foray into Project Life.  While I’m still technicaly a newbie with scrapbooking in general, I’m not a newbie to documenting the life of my family.  I have always been the one following everyone around with my camera, taking it everywhere we go.  I’m always journaling, filling page after page with memories and little moments that make the ordinary so extraordinary.
 I first discovered Becky Higgins and Project Life about a year ago and immediately ordered my first kit – the Amber edition.  I quickly caught up for 2011 and managed to fill 2 full PL albums containing our entire year.  B.P.L (Before Project Life), I made an annual digital album for each year on Shutterfly.  While I still love those albums, there’s something to be said for the paper version, with all the little pockets for scraps of memorabilia and hand-written notes.
A layout from my 2011 PL album:
I thoroughly enjoyed putting together our Project Life album last year, and I love the finished result.  However, I have made a few changes to the way I’m approaching it this year.  Last year, I tried hard to do a picture each day, and for the most part, I did it.  I think I missed 5 or 6 days all year.  I wrote a note for each picture, threw in a few momentos, and that was that.
This year is different.  This year is a little more involved…structured, but not.  More creative, I think.  I’m still shooting for 365 daily photos, but I’m adding to the 365 theme, too.  I’ll show you what I mean:
My 2012 Project Life cover page:
This year, I did more of a custom-designed page for our family rather than using the cover cards as suggested in the core kit.  I also added a few embellishments.
I used a grid journaling card centered on one of the cover cards in the core kit.  Then I used glitter adhesive letters for our family name, the number “3” because there are 3 of us in our family, and a cute chipboard heart.
I really like the way I did the year.  On New Year’s Day, I had Marley do some light painting with sparklers and spell out the year.  I printed two images onto one 4×6, cut it in half, and inserted each digit in one of the 3×4 journaling card slots. *See “Resources” below for an easy way to do this.
1st half of Week One:
I’m also printing a few pictures to fit in the 3×4 card slots.  I like doing this – adds a little different dimension to my pages.
Another thing I’m trying this year that’s different for me is creating the week headers.  Last year, I used the date stamp that used to be included in the core kit and stamped the dates on each week’s card.  This year, I’m embellishing them instead.
Since I printed one of my daily photos in 3×4 form, I filled the remaining horizontal pocket with notes that Marley gave to Mark and I on New Year’s Day.  She’s always leaving little love notes around the house for us.  That girl goes through some Post-it notes!
New Year’s Day party pages:
One of the problems I had last year was including pictures from events, parties, etc. that weren’t pictures of the day.  I’m still building scrapbook pages for all of those for my 2011 album because I take a TON of pictures and want these in my album.  So for 2012, I decided to just include these as I go through the year instead of trying to do anything really fancy with them.
We spend every New Year’s Day at the same friend’s house watching football, putting money on football pools, eating lots of yummy food, and hanging out with dear friends, some of whom we only see on New Year’s Day each year.  I made a front/back 2-page layout for these photos.
I also added a couple of random shots of the little squirrel that hangs out in front of my office window everyday.  I put a bowl of water out for the squirrels and they love it.
I had one more 4×6 slot to fill, so I asked Mark and Marley what they want to see happen in 2012 and wrote a few of our thoughts down.  It’ll be nice to look back on next year to see how we did.
2nd half of Week One:
1st half of Week Two:
One of the pictures I printed was square, so I embellished the 4×6 card that I put it on in order to fill the pocket completely.
Another embellishment using the scrapbook paper for Clementine edition.
2nd half of Week Two:
I included 2 pictures for January 13th for two reasons: (1) I took the family photo, then later spent several hours revamping my craft room and wanted to include that in the album, too, and (2) I did something kinda special for January 12th which left me with an empty 4×6 pocket in my layout to be filled by an additional picture.
12 on the 12th:
As I mentioned above, I did something kinda special for the 12th.  It’s something I’ll be doing every month on the 12th of each month.  This is new for me, too, but I really enjoyed it.  It’s called the Take Twelve Challenge.  I had heard about it in blog world so I thought I’d give it a shot.  My cell phone camera made it possible, and the square format of the images makes it cool.  I documented an entire day, beginning at 7am on our way to school, to 9pm when Marley went to bed, and all the randomness in between (even a turkey wandering my office parking lot!).
One last thing I’m doing differently this year that I’d like to share:  In 2011, I thought it would be cute to use various colors of fine point Sharpie’s to write on my journaling cards.  Well, about half-way through the year, I didn’t like it, but I continued through the end of the year to make it look cohesive and complete.
In 2012, I decided to clean it up a bit.  I’m using Avery Clear Easy Peel Shipping Labels, size 2×4.  I created a template in Word and changed the direction of the print to go vertical.  Each day, I open Word, type that day’s journal card, and once I have my week’s worth, I print them out and adhere them to journaling cards.  Neat and tidy and legible.
RESOURCES for Project Life for 2012:
Photosheet by Photility – FREE app for your computer which allows you to easily put 2 images onto one 4×6 print.  This allows you to print 3×4 images to fit in the small pockets of your PL album
Take Twelve photo challenge – a link to Ella Publishing which offers templates for your Take Twelve.  Also offers some good information about this project, and a monthly linky party to show your images.
Capture Your 365 – So far, most of my photos for each day come from my daily prompts by CY365.  Sign up for a daily email list, or print off the monthly list and use the ideas whenever you need more inspiration.


Capture Your 365

Marcy Penner’s PL Planning Pages – These are a lifesaver, especially if you are doing something other than the traditional POTD idea.  Great printable planning pages for every possible layout.  (While you’re there, check out her whole blog – fab.u.lous!)
And, in case you missed it, I did a blog post last week with a LOT of good information to help you with your Project Life and/or 365 pictures.  Good stuff –> check it out HERE.
See you tomorrow!

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  1. Wow! Talk about creating great memories. I love your PL pages and I’m sure your children will have so much fun looking through these in the future. I’m off to start mine now. 🙂

  2. Great sparkler photos. Such a smart way to welcome 2012. 😀 I like your idea of doing the labels. 🙂 You have a lot of great photos. People like you, who can keep up with a photo a day totally amaze me.

  3. Gorgeous! I really love how your album is looking. And the sparklers spelling out 2012? Genius! I’m also intrigued by 12 on 12, sounds like such a good idea!


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