One Room Challenge: Week 1 (The Haphazard Home Office)

It’s that time of year again – time for the bi-annual One Room Challenge hosted by Calling It Home! I wasn’t sure I’d be participating this time around, but then I looked around my haphazard home office, the one I’ve been telling myself I’d remodel when I get around to it, and decided now is as good a time as any. So here I am, Week 1 of the One Room Challenge, introducing you to my soon-to-be-made over room.

It's time for the One Room Challenge! I'm making over my home office (again), and for Week 1 of ORC, I'm sharing my plans and inspiration for a rustic home office.

Before I get into my plans for this space, I have to share a funny little backstory.

Flashback to November 2015, the fall One Room Challenge was underway, and I was participating. The room? My home office. This was the “big reveal”:

About a month after that remodel was finished, I officially launched my business, Sweet Tea, LLC. Instead of needing a space for crafting, I was using the space for actual work – hosting webinars, working with clients, creating courses.

I’ve rearranged furniture, brought in cheap tables, and made it work, but it’s really not working. It’s bright and colorful, but it’s not an efficient use of space for my needs.

So, yet again, I’ll be making over my home office, since this is where I work full-time now.


Can we be honest with each other for a moment? I think we can. That paint job is terrible. I was going to paint a border around the top of the wall, but once I got the white painted, I didn’t feel like drawing a straight line and making it look nice & clean, so I pretended that was my intention all along.

Laughable attempt, at best.

So this is the current state of my home office:

I’ve got a makeshift L-shaped desk from a couple of cheap tables. It’s covered in various notebooks and office supplies that would be better contained in drawers.

What used to be my big craft table is folded and now holds my printer and random notebooks and pictures. I’ve got different photo backdrop boards over there with one of my tripods, and a cute little blue drawer unit that I love, but don’t really know what to do with it.

My big shelving unit is pretty similar to how it was in my last reveal, although I have drastically pared down my craft supplies to only the few things I still use.


I’ve had ideas swirling around in my head for so long for this space, and I’m actually excited to finally have a reason to get started. This is the inspiration board I’ve put together:

It's time for the One Room Challenge! I'm making over my home office (again), and for Week 1 of ORC, I'm sharing my plans and inspiration for a rustic home office.
barn door inspiration here & desk inspiration here

My husband is going to help me build a couple things for my new office, including a desk and a barn door. (EEK!) I’m so excited about the barn door!

I’m planning to purchase two drawer units from IKEA and have a desk top built. The big shelving unit I already own will be painted and moved to the opposite wall. The walls will be painted – I’m considering a navy blue accent wall and white for the other three walls.

I’m really looking forward to sharing this makeover with you! I’ll be sharing updates every Wednesday for the next six weeks, so be sure to visit me and keep up with my One Room Challenge!

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3 Responses

  1. I’m so looking forward to watching this — remodels of any kind of are one of my favorite things in the whole world!! I always wondered about those two-toned walls, so thank you for sharing their…umm…”history”…! I am very excited to see your new changes!

  2. HAHAHA!! Yes, their history is interesting, huh? I’m looking forward to making this space more professional but still “me”. Happy to share, and glad you’ll be following along. Thanks!


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