One Room Challenge: Week 2 (Fresh Paint & Changed Plans)

Last week I introduced the room that will be getting a makeover during the Spring 2017 One Room Challenge, and showed my design ideas. Well, my plans have already changed. That’s what I get for deciding to participate at the last minute. Today I want to share the updates on my home office and how the plans have changed slightly from Week 1.

The One Room Challenge continues with Week 2, fresh paint, and a change of plans. I'm working on my home office but have had to alter the original design plans. Catch the latest!

To refresh your memory, or to catch you up if you missed Week 1, my room started out looking like this:

Bright & cheery, but messy and not super functional as my full-time office. (I work from home and my space just isn’t cutting it anymore.) Plus, that white border?? Yea no.

As of today, it now looks like this:

The One Room Challenge continues with Week 2, fresh paint, and a change of plans. I'm working on my home office but have had to alter the original design plans. Catch the latest!

WHITE, am I right?


I originally planned to paint the back wall navy blue, but after painting the other three walls white, then looking around at the other rooms in my house that are all navy blue and white, I opted to go all white in here and use pops of color in the decor instead.

I didn’t want my office to look too much like every other room on the main level of the house, but I do want it to flow. Make sense? It does in my head at least.

So right now, it’s pretty stark and bare, but it will get so much better!


I knew I wanted a new rug in my office (the old one is yellow and wouldn’t go with my color scheme too well), but rugs are super expensive!

Thanks to Wayfair, though, I was able to find a really pretty new rug for only $40! WOOT! They happened to be having a massive sale on rugs just when I needed one.

That never happens.

I picked out this beautiful new rug for my home office from Wayfair for only $40! Score!

Pretty, right?


…In with the new(ish)!

I had this big ol’ IKEA shelving unit in my office holding all of my craft supplies, scrapbooks, and other random things:

I was going to have my hubby build a desk to sit next to it to be sort of an L-shaped desk with storage, but after messing around with plans, we both decided it wouldn’t work.

So we’re selling that shelving unit and I’ll be moving another piece of furniture in it’s place. It’s a beautiful, dark wood, industrial console table unit that we have in our living room, but it’s taking up too much room in it’s current home.

Mark is going to build a desk and attach it to the console table with brackets to make an L-shaped desk for me. YAY!

I know you can’t picture it now, but it’ll be fantastic! My goal is to show the desk to you next week, so stay tuned for that.


Ugh. Y’all know how excited I was for this, right? Well, barn doors can get costly, between the hardware and the wood to build it. And I’m not using any sponsors for this makeover so I’m on a tight budget.

My doorway is a solid 5 feet wide, which means I’d need 10 feet of track. Long story short, the size track I need for my oversized door, plus the wheels and other hardware, and the lumber to build the door, would cost about $300.

Nope. Not happening. Not right now anyway.



I’ve got some fun ideas for accessories and decor to add some character to my finished office. I can’t wait to show those to you!

Overall, it’s going to be a beautiful, clean space that will allow me to look and feel more professional and still have room for all of my office supplies.

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