Operation Christmas Child

This tradition kicks off the Christmas season for me – Operation Christmas Child!  This week, November 14-21, is National Collection Week for this wonderful charitable project.
I love doing this each year…packing these little boxes, knowing that a sweet child will smile when they open what I’ve lovingly put together.  Warms my heart!
If you’ve never done this before, it’s easy!  Here’s how I do it:
First, I decide if I’m shopping for a boy or a girl, then pick the age range – 2-4 years, 5-9 years, or 10-14 years.  Then I hit the Dollar Tree and rack up!  I buy plastic bins with lids while I’m there – way easier to use than shoeboxes and they can be used again!
So, when you get home, lay everything out on a big table…
Here’s all the loot I bought – this year, I’m packing 3 boxes, all for little boys ages 5-9 years old.
Go to the Samaritan’s Purse website and print out the labels:
Since my boxes are clear, I used tissue paper to line each one:
I added all the goodies – coloring books, toy dinosaurs, crayons, etc:
All the goodies are packed!
The next thing you do is wrap rubberbands around each box so it stays closed:
Affix your label and check the box for boy or girl and their age group:
And you’re done!
Easy, right?  Right!
So, go to Samaritan’s Purse, print out your label, buy some goodies, pack your boxes, then find the drop-off location nearest you, and drop it off!
Oh, and stick a check for $7 on top of each box to cover shipping costs…  That’s it!
And THANK YOU for blessing a child in need!



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  1. Good morning! I’m stopping over from Life Made Lovely Monday linkup and just wanted to say it’s awesome that you’re participating in Operation Christmas Child. I haven’t done it in the past few years but in college and before that with my church I put together at least one box each year to donate and it is such an easy and worthwhile dealio!

    Thanks for your contribution and have a great Monday 🙂


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