How to Design the Perfect Summer Patio

Summer is here and it’s time to head outside for dinner on the deck, parties on the patio, and enjoying the fresh air and sunshine. But first, you need the perfect summer patio! With plenty of inspiration from around the web, you’ll be ready to design your own perfect summer patio this weekend!

Time to dress up the deck and get outside for the summer! These outdoor spaces are great inspiration to help create the perfect summer patio, from lighting to textiles and everything in between!

When we moved into our home five years ago, the only outdoor space we had was a small landing off the back door with stairs down to the yard. Three years ago, my husband built a huge deck that we now get to enjoy all year long!

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Whether you have a small patio, a big front porch, or anything between, breathe new life into your outdoor living space and get ready to have a relaxing summer outdoors!

How to Design the Perfect Summer Patio

Let’s talk about some of the elements that are essential when designing a cozy & inviting hangout space outdoors.

Element #1: Twinkle Lights

Twinkle lights & cozy furnishings make this space by Kelleynan extra inviting!

I love the medallions on the wall. There’s plenty of seating, and the lights add just the right atmosphere.

Strings of lights can turn a small outdoor corner into a beautiful, warm space you can’t wait to spend time in, like this one from The Everygirl.

It’s like a little secret oasis!

String lights set just the right atmosphere without being overly bright. Aniko from Place of My Taste even shows you how to easily hang string lights on your own deck if you don’t have a pergola or any other type of ceiling.

Element #2: Plants

I love all of the greenery around this beautiful patio by zevy joy.

Make sure you click through to see all the photos. The dining area is so cute and inviting!

Ok this patio by Old Brand New is gorgeous in every single way, but the hanging plants really make it feel extra cozy.

Element #3: Cozy & ample seating

When you create a beautiful outdoor space, you want to have plenty of space for friends and family to hang out! I love the addition of the poufs for foot rests or added seating on Sunny Side Up’s outdoor entertaining area.

You could take a nice nap on that sofa!

Instead of multiple seating areas, you could have one big bed like this one on DesignSponge. Seriously cozy!

Element #4: Textiles, like pillows, rugs, and curtains

Even The Dude in The Big Lebowski knew the value of a good rug. “That rug really tied the room together.” But you don’t have to stop at rugs. A pile of pillows make you want to curl up on this couch by BHG and stay all day, drink in hand.

If your outdoor living space gets a lot of direct sun, curtains are a great option that not only soften the look of the space, but protect you from the sun. You can even make your own, like Corey from Hey There Home, with a few drop cloths.

Most outdoor spaces have concrete or wooden floors, and in the summer months, those floors get hot really quickly. Rugs are not only stylish additions, but save your delicate feet from the heat! This colorful option from Refresh Restyle is a great look for summer!

Now what are you waiting for?! Go outside and enjoy the summer weather on your perfect summer patio!

6 Responses

  1. Great tips Kirsten! Unfortunately I do not have much of space in the outdoors but I have lots of space in the terrace and I have been thinking of creating a private oasis complete with a bar there, now got some great ideas! Many thanks!

  2. Not bad, Kirsten, not bad at all! Very nice photos, too.

    I always thought a patio or other area with some hanging lights was such a relaxing and enjoyable place to sit at and enjoy the evening air at.

  3. I have been taking a look at a few blogs for ideas on decorating pergolas and other outdoor hang-out spots/structures, you have some of the prettiest pictures I’ve come across! Curtains seem to be trendy, I’m seeing a lot of those, and twinkle lights would be a nice touch on our Arizona nights. Love your ideas!


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