Pin-Spired Family Command Center

I originally posted this awesome Family Command Center a couple weeks ago on The CSI Project.  I’m very happy to share it here with you all!  I’ve been sharing bits and pieces over the past week, so now you get to see how it all fits together!
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I saw this on Pinterest and fell in love with this awesome idea – the original Pin that started it all:
{Family Command Center}
So, the story is basically this:  We moved into our new house 2 months ago, and I’m learning to deal with a smaller kitchen (trade-off is that we have a killer bar in the basement…totally worth it).  Anyway, we have some…well, issues that could use some organizing.
Example #1:
{Kitchen counter-top next to stove}
Example #2:
{The floor in the kitchen next to the pantry}
Example #3:
{Kitchen counter top above sink}
Pinterest to the rescue!!!!
I have this lovely wall that’s not doing anything…just chillin’, being a wall.  It’s right next to kitchen counter AKA the Family Dump Station (see photo above).  It’s perfect.  Check out what I did.
The equation goes like this:
{Cool Table from Target}
{Bulletin Board from Target}
{Two Cookie Tins from Dollar Tree}
Here are a few more shots of our new Family Command Center!
We are loving our new organized space.  It’s so nice to reclaim my kitchen counters and floor – no more messy doggy bowls!

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  1. Love how you took a pic from pinterest to create your own command center! Nice:) New G+ Follower.


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