Preparing Girls for Middle School

Happy Hump Day friends!  We are halfway through our week of all things “middle school” and I am very excited to bring today’s post to you!
I have a very special guest today…my own daughter, Marley!  Marley was very prepared for her first year of middle school, thanks in part to her research online, a one-day day camp two weeks prior to school starting to acclimate new students to the school itself, and a great book, A Smart Girl’s Guide to Starting Middle School.
Let’s just say, if Marley studies for her class assignments as much as she studied about middle school, she’ll rock sixth grade!  Now get out your pencil and notebook paper – here are Marley’s tips for girls starting middle school!

Juggling Homework

In middle school you have a lot of homework so I’m giving you some tips on how to handle it.

  • Take Good Notes:
    • When you are at home and doing your homework, you will wish you took notes
    • Try using this method!
Subject:  __________________  Teacher:  ____________________
Notes: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Tips: _____________________________________________________________________
  • Picking Project or Homework Buddies: If you are allowed to choose your own project or homework buddy, choose wisely:
    • Pick someone you get along with, or would like to know better.
    • Pick someone you won’t goof off with a lot.  (It’s OK to have fun, just stay focused.)
    • Pick someone that thinks alike.
  • Schedule for homework:
    • Get a drink and healthy snack.  Stay away from sugary drinks.  For a good snack try cheese & crackers, banana & peanut butter sandwiches, or grapefruit.
    • Turn on some music, but not too loud.  You don’t want to get distracted.
    • Sit somewhere where you can focus (NOT in front of the TV!).  Get your supplies ready, and try to get through all of your homework without distractions.
    • Ask an older sibling or parent to check your work and review anything you have questions about.
Lockers are a big part of middle school and help you a lot if you use them properly and stay organized.
    • Lockers can be tricky to master so practice over and over again and don’t get mad if you can’t do it.
  • Locker Accessories:
    • Dry Erase or Chalk Board:  When going from class to class, you may need to write some quick notes about projects or other things.  Sometimes it’s good to have a magnet pocket to hold your markers or chalk, and pens and pencils.
    • Mirror: A lot of girls care about their looks, and that’s not always a bad thing.
    • Just-In-Case Kit:  You can put things in it like hair bands, band-aids, tissues, pads, or anything else that you think you may need at one time to another.
  • Locker Organization:
    • Keep books in order, not scattered all over the place.
    • Keep papers in folders, not loose in the locker.
    • Every Friday, clean out your locker and take home or throw away things you don’t need.  And clean it out before a holiday/day off.
  • Between Classes:
    • Color coat your classes: You have about 3-5 minutes between classes, so you need to be able to grab and go.
    • Match your book cover to the notebook and binder for the same class.  Here is my system:
Math: Blue
Science: Green
Social Studies: Orange
French: Pink
Chorus: Red
Language Arts: Purple
Health: Yellow
Learning Lab: Black
Girl Problems
Girls think that, just because they are in middle school, their lives have to change completely, but that’s not the case.
  • Make-Up:
    • Make-up is OK as long as you don’t cake it on.
    • You will see girls who wear a lot of makeup, but don’t make fun of them.
    • Trust me…just wear some lip gloss or light pink eyeshadow.  You need to be you, not a clown.
  • Boys:
    • Just because you are in middle school doesn’t mean you need to start dating.
    • It’s OK to have a crush, but stay concentrated on your work and not on the boy.
    • Don’t let boys control your life.  Be you, not who they want you to be.
  • Parents:
    • Parents don’t become un-cool when you start middle school.
    • Remember your parents used to be middle-schoolers, too, so they kinda know what they’re talking about.
    • Don’t be jerks to parents or siblings.  This is when you need them most.
    • Always be honest with your parents, even if you did something wrong.  (They’re smart.  They know everything already.  Trust me, I know from personal experience.)  WORD OF ADVICE: DON’T DO ANYTHING STUPID.  Use common sense.
  • Physical Appearance:
    • Glasses: A lot of people get glasses in middle school.  They are so fashionable now so you don’t need to feel insecure.
    • Braces: Before I started school I got braces, but I’m not worried because it’s not changing me at all.  If you don’t make a big deal about them, nobody else will either.
    • Acne: Most people start getting acne in middle school.  Wash your face every night before bed (especially if you wear make-up). And just remember that everybody gets pimples, so don’t feel embarrassed by it.  You are not alone.
Hey, it’s Marley’s mom:

So, good advice, yea?  I’m very blessed to have a girl with her head on straight!  I really hope your kids gain something from her post and that you have a successful school year!  And a big THANK YOU to Marley for working so hard to put this information together!


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  1. Wow, Marley! Awesome advice! My high school students could use this same advice. I know you’re going do great in middle school. Hugs to you and your sweet mom!

  2. Marley~This is excellent advice!! I am going to pass it on to Shelby to read. Even though she just began 9th grade, so much of your advice is perfect for high~schoolers either as a reminder or just in case they didn’t know it! A lot of wisdom in what you wrote!! I enjoyed it 🙂 Can’t wait until your next one!!

  3. Great job, Marley! I like your idea about color coding supplies for your different classes; great tip! Lots of great advice. 🙂 Looks like your mama isn’t the only AWESOME one in your family!

  4. thanks marley! i’m going to send this post over to my step-son who is entering middle school in a few weeks! great tips for girls and boys!

  5. Such a smart girl! I’m sharing this with my new 6th Grader tonight. This is great advice and its nice that she is sharing it. (maybe my daughter will listen to her!)
    I’ll be sharing this with my friends today!! Thanks Marley!
    Cindy @ Crazylou

  6. Great advice, Marley! I love that you say, “Be you, not who they want you to be”. Extraordinarily mature advice – there are some grown women who haven’t figured this out yet!


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