Project Life…Catching Up

Hey guys!  Remember me?!?  That crazy woman who only blogs intermittently because she’s so freakin’ busy and can’t seem to keep up?  Yea, that’s me!  🙂
So, I can finally share a couple weeks of my Project Life layouts with you.  I was off work for the 4th of July and spent my morning working on them.  I hope you like them as much as I do!
{Title card for May 27 – June 2}
I did something kinda cool.  I printed on my washi tape!  (OK, so maybe everybody and their mother is doing this, but I just discovered it, thanks to the Washi Class I took from Studio Calico recently.)  See at the top where it says, “Enjoy every moment…”?  Yea, printed right there on that strip of washi tape.  Cool, right?
{Design B page protector}
More washi!  I printed two journal entries on one 4×6 card and separated them with a strip of washi tape.
This is my journal card for the entry on Memorial Day, so I used red and blue striped washi to dress it up a bit.
{Design A page protector}
I went to a baby shower for a good friend so I threw in a few pictures from that event.  There’s also an Instagram shot in the bottom right corner.
I used my markers to write “CHILL” next to the picture.  (See Marley in the rear view mirror?)
{Title card for June 3-9}
I just bought this cute alpha stack the other day and was dying to use it.  Love!
Here’s the left side of this layout.  Lots of horses involved.  🙂
{Design G page protector}
This was the first time using Design G.  I used it for an insert in this particular week’s layout to include extra photos of horseback riding and my birthday.
Here’s the back of the Design G page protector.
{A little help from my SMASH goodies here}    {A little chocolate cake for my birthday!}
{Design E page protector}
Here’s the other side to June 3-9 layout.  We were in the process of moving so I didn’t take a ton of pictures, but the ones I did take truly capture the chaos…like the chipmunk in our garage, and trying to relax with no furniture…and dogs licking my car windows on the way to the new house!
More washi on this journal entry…to add some color.
I like this journal card.  I used our new address stamp that I bought from Pick Your Plum a while back to show our new address, and threw in a little cardboard adhesive that says “Congrats”.
I have a couple more weeks of layouts to show you, but I’ll save those for next week.
Enjoy, and have a great weekend!


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