Project Life…Getting Through the Tough Stuff

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I haven’t done much in the way of photography the past few weeks.  Life has been stressful.  But I finally got somewhat caught up with my Project Life album.  Between March 11th and March 31st, with the exception of a trip to the zoo that I haven’t put in my album yet, I only had enough to fill a front and back of a page protector.
But that’s life.  The real stuff.  The tough stuff.  Memories aren’t always happy, or positive, or uplifting.  Sometimes, memories are ugly and sad, discouraging, frustrating…but they are still memories.  It’s not always easy to get through the tough stuff, but as they say, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.  So, to me, the tough stuff is worth documenting, even if only in words.
So, allow me to show you my short little layouts for March 11th – 31st, including my journal entry of the tough stuff:
Here’s the front side of my layout.  Starting at the top left – I taught Sunday School on 03.11 at our fledgling church.  Bottom left – I started selling Thirty-One, and this is a shot from an open house I did on 03.18.  And bottom right – Marley being silly when she made a creature out of nature items on 03.21.
Here’s a close-up of my title card for this layout.  Let me show you that cute little envelope:
I used a little envelope from the Smash album supplies I have on hand and attached it to the card with a strip of washi tape so I can flip it over and open it up.
And inside my cute little envelope?  Ticket stubs from my hubby taking me to see The Hunger Games on 03.24 🙂
Here’s the back side to my layout.  As you can see, there are close-up shots of Marley’s little nature bug.  Bottom left – 2 boxes of FREE goodies that I earned from Thirty-One!  So nice to come home to 2 big ol’ boxes of free stuff on 03.30.
Bottom right picture – A shot of my new bling!  My 4 year anniversary is coming up so Mark took me to the jewelry store on 03.31 to upgrade my wedding band.  He’s so fantastic!  I think I’ll keep him around for a while 😉
In the center, I attached an adhesive 4×6 insert, and inside, it contains my journal entry that I wrote on 03.27.  I copied it word-for-word from my personal journal to document the stuff that’s been going on in our lives, and why there’s a shortage of pictures and smiles in our album.
Finally, I used a couple of We R Memory Keepers 8.5″ x 11″ page protectors to insert some memorabilia.  On the left, I put in a copy of my first ever order for my Thirty-One business.  And on the right, I inserted a print out of the blog post on Ella Publishing from 03.19 – I was the random winner from their March 12th “Take Twelve” drawing, so I wanted to save the announcement.
And there you have it!  I’ve got a TON of pictures from Spring Break and Easter that I still have to get printed and work on, so hopefully I can share those layouts with you all next week.  For now, though, I feel caught up.  Life is settling back down to a dull roar, which is tolerable.  We’re taking steps to a new future – moving very soon, which means decorating!!!  (I’ve been in a rental for 3 years and have been going nuts to do some remodeling, so I’m stoked to be buying a house soon.)
Hope all is well for everyone!  Take care!


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