Project Life Planning – How To Catch Up When You’ve Fallen Behind

Confession time:  I am currently one full year behind in my Project Life albums.

*sigh*  There.  I said it.  Glad to have that off my chest.

I’m a big, huge, massive fan of all things Project Life related, and was beyond thrilled to get my grubby little hands on my new album and kit in December of last year so I could start fresh at the beginning of this year…but, partly because life was so busy, and partly because I was still trying to catch up from last year, it hasn’t happened.

{Seriously, that’s as far as I’ve gotten in 2013.  The title page.}

But that’s OK!  You know why?  Because Project Life is one of those amazing systems that allows you to catch up when you can, do little to no embellishing, and still create a gorgeous album that you will enjoy for generations.

I’ve been eye-balling the upcoming Labor Day 3-day weekend for a while now.  I know most people have cookouts and maybe attend a parade or something, and that’s wonderful, but we don’t really do much on Labor Day.  I have big plans, though.  Three solid days of catching up on my Project Life album.  YAY!!!!

{My 2013 Project Life binder, core kit, and Studio Calico add-on kits, currently untouched.}

My Plan of Action:

I’m taking my catching-up in bite sized chunks, so over the long weekend, I’m focusing solely on 2013.  Once I get caught up on this year, I can go back and catch up on previous albums when I have time while {hopefully} keeping up on my progress in this album.

I’ve ordered my prints for January through July of 2013 from both Shutterfly and Persnickety Prints:
–> Shutterfly – 4×6 horizontal photos
–> Persnickety Prints – 3×4 vertical photos and 4×4 Instagram photos

Prior to Saturday morning, I will sort all of my photos and arrange them in order.  Using a Post-It note, I’ll label each group of photos with the name of the event and the date they were taken.

Beginning Saturday morning, I’ll sit in my craft room and put together seven months of my Project Life album to get me caught up on 2013.

That’s the plan.  Wish me luck!

And be sure to stop by next week because I’ll be sharing my layouts with you!  YAY!

Are you a Project-Lifer?

What’s your method for keeping up-to-date?


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