Project Life {Tuesday}

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YAY ME! ย For the first time in 3 whole weeks, I got my weekly layout done in time to post on Tuesday! ย ๐Ÿ™‚
Times, they are so busy. ย And apparently, well documented, too, because my PL Album is busting at the seams. ย I bought a second binder and plan on using it for July – December, but I may actually have to separate my yearly binder into thirds.
Anyway, enough yappin’. ย On with the layouts.

Mother’s Day was awesome! ย We had lots of fun hanging out with my mom. ย There’s a picture of my mom, Marley, and I all dressed up. ย ๐Ÿ™‚ ย Then Marley and I literally became bow-heads after she helped me open presents.
I paid a visit to Marley’s school last week to take a silly class picture for her 4th grade homeroom teacher, and let the kids sign the mat.
Marley went for another horseback riding lesson! ย *Sidenote: ย Santa brought her 3 1-hour lessons as a Christmas gift, and we just recently redeemed them. ย She did so well, focusing and really working hard, that we decided to continue the lessons! ย We are all very excited about this opportunity for her. ย It’s a great chance for her to prove that she can be responsible for something other than herself.
Here’s the back of the horse page. ย I printed one photo of Marley on the horse as a 5×7 and cut it to fit into 2 of the 4×6 pockets.
And finally, the second half of our week… ย This past week was Marley’s last week of 4th grade. ย Her Honor’s Assembly was last week, and she won an award for Citizenship and Honor Roll! ย Friday, to celebrate Marley’s awesome school year, we took her to dinner then to the movie theater to see The Avengers! ย (Great movie, by the way!) ย We wrapped up the week with a visit to my sister-in-law to get our hair done.
How was your week? ย Kids out of school yet?

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  1. LOVE IT!!!! Way to go!!

    School’s out already? Gabrielle finishes June 22nd. They usually start school back up the very last week of August.

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