Project Life {Tuesday}

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YAY ME!  For the first time in 3 whole weeks, I got my weekly layout done in time to post on Tuesday!  🙂
Times, they are so busy.  And apparently, well documented, too, because my PL Album is busting at the seams.  I bought a second binder and plan on using it for July – December, but I may actually have to separate my yearly binder into thirds.
Anyway, enough yappin’.  On with the layouts.

Mother’s Day was awesome!  We had lots of fun hanging out with my mom.  There’s a picture of my mom, Marley, and I all dressed up.  🙂  Then Marley and I literally became bow-heads after she helped me open presents.
I paid a visit to Marley’s school last week to take a silly class picture for her 4th grade homeroom teacher, and let the kids sign the mat.
Marley went for another horseback riding lesson!  *Sidenote:  Santa brought her 3 1-hour lessons as a Christmas gift, and we just recently redeemed them.  She did so well, focusing and really working hard, that we decided to continue the lessons!  We are all very excited about this opportunity for her.  It’s a great chance for her to prove that she can be responsible for something other than herself.
Here’s the back of the horse page.  I printed one photo of Marley on the horse as a 5×7 and cut it to fit into 2 of the 4×6 pockets.
And finally, the second half of our week…  This past week was Marley’s last week of 4th grade.  Her Honor’s Assembly was last week, and she won an award for Citizenship and Honor Roll!  Friday, to celebrate Marley’s awesome school year, we took her to dinner then to the movie theater to see The Avengers!  (Great movie, by the way!)  We wrapped up the week with a visit to my sister-in-law to get our hair done.
How was your week?  Kids out of school yet?

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  1. LOVE IT!!!! Way to go!!

    School’s out already? Gabrielle finishes June 22nd. They usually start school back up the very last week of August.


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