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I’ve got two weeks of layouts to share with you today.  I skipped last week – lots going on in our house these days.  It’s tough trying to squeeze it all in.  I swear, sometimes I feel like things will never be “normal”, but then I  stop and wonder….what exactly is normal, anyway?
Such is life, right?  I just need to learn to sit down, shut up, and enjoy the ride.
So, without further ado, here are my layouts from the last 2 weeks:

For the week of April 15-21, I only had a few pictures, so it only fills the front of one page protector.  A lot going on, but not a lot of it captured in images.
From top left: -An old VW bug barely clinging to life.  Mark and I saw this on the road while house hunting. – My crazy dog Dakota was begging for an empty 2-liter bottle to chew on, while I needed Marley to paint it for a craft.  -A little picture of Marley with her finished bottle that she painted.  We eventually made it into a cute bird feeder for Earth Day.  -Mark helped Marley with her Social Studies homework.  Definitely not my strong subject.  -The view of the backyard of the house we hope to buy.  HUGE!

{Title card for April 15-21}
I used a folded journal card to document our crazy life right now, and used the front of it as my title card for the week.

I used a 4×6 insert to add a card I received from Macy’s thanking me for participating in the Heart of Haiti campaign.  I blogged about it HERE.

{Left side of layout}
More fun for the week of April 22-28!
From top right:  -We found a house!  So exciting!!  -Marley had a book fair at school so I went during lunch one day and hooked her up with a few good reads.  -Marley’s chorus group had a concert at school, followed by an art gallery (that’s the small picture in the middle).
{Title card for April 22-28}
I absolutely love the pennant alpha stickers I got at Michael’s a couple weeks ago.  I think I might go back and buy a few more sets so I don’t run out any time soon.  🙂
{Right side of layout}
From top left: -Marley’s school chorus singing at the Atlanta Braves baseball game.  -Closeup of Marley on the big screen at the Braves game!!!  -One of our tickets from the game.  -Two of our good friends that we hung out with Saturday night.  The guy on the left lives in L.A. and we never get to see him, so this was  real treat.
{Closeup of my decorated filler card – used squares of washi tape and a little embellishment}
Here’s the spread.  I also punched holes in the program from Marley’s chorus concert and inserted it in the album.
Voila!  Two weeks of layouts!
So, how’d your week go?

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  1. I am behind too… I just completed week 14 last night. April was crazy for me finishing grad school, but I am hoping to get back on track. Love those pennant alpha stickers, I have to have those. And your washi tape is awesome.. where do you get yours?


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