Project Life Tuesday {With A Twist}

Ok, confession time.  The last Project Life layout I did was the week of July 1-7.  Not even kidding.
Ya know, life gets busy, and things happen, and sometimes it’s hard to keep up.  I’m scheduling time this week in the evenings and this weekend to try to get somewhat caught up, so look for a real Project Life Tuesday post hopefully next week with some groovy layouts.  😉
For now, though, I wanted to show you some cool Project Life-related awesome-ness that I have discovered lately, as well as a run-down of all the fabulous new products to look forward to!  (You know, in case you’ve been living under a rock lately.)  🙂
Let’s get started with some freebies, shall we?!
Persnickety Prints is my go-to print shop for so many reasons.  The quality is unmatchable anywhere else, but their prices are also stellar.  It’s easy to upload and order prints, and they offer more sizes than anywhere I’ve seen.  And, they ship quickly, which is a plus when you need your pictures yesterday so you can catch up on 2 months of Project Life layouts.  (*ahem.)
Another perk to Persnickety Prints (say that 3 times fast!) is their blog – super cool, full of freebies and super fantastic ideas.  Like the cards pictured above.  FREE printable lunchbox notes, which also happen to be sized for Project Life – 3×4.  Yep.  What’s up.
Here’s another fantastic set designed with Project Lifers in mind.  You can have PP print them for you on high-quality paper, or print them yourself on cardstock.  Your choice!
If you’ve been around this ol’ blog for a bit, you’ve heard me mention Plucky Momo before.  It’s love, this thing I have for Emilie’s creations.  Seriously.  I’ve purchased sets of her printables from her shop, and they are awesome (like the little beauty pictured above)!  But being the sweet wonderful person she is, Emilie also doles out lots of freebies on her blog!
Oh hello…..beautiful….
Yep.  Goodness.  I told ya.
Besides the cuteness factor of this blog filled with loads of great ideas, Melissa also has an Etsy shop packed with greatness!  She, much like Emilie from Plucky Momo, is a sweet soul who knows the value of free.  We all like free stuff, especially when it’s this cute!
Seriously cool free digital kit – LOVE!!
Any washi tape addicts out there?  (ME! ME!!!)
Ok, now that you are fully equipped with more Project Life freebies than you can fit in your album, let’s move on.  Becky introduced SO MUCH new stuff last week on her blog!  It’s all so amazingly gorgeous and I’m about to break out in hives with anticipation for all this stuff.  I need a second job or something to buy everything I want.
Did you see it all?  It’s spread out over the course of several blog posts on Becky Higgins’ blog, so here’s a brief run-through for you.  (You still need to go to her blog because she lays out all the juicy details, complete with videos and everything…cuz she’s cool like that.)
{The Seafoam Edition}
{The Olive Edition}
{The Baby Editions – 3 Versions}
{The Childhood Editions – 3 Versions}
So there!  A humongous jumbo post full of Project Life goodies!  Now go play!

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