Project Life Update

Hello All!  Tonight I’ve decided to share my latest Project Life layouts with you.  I can’t say enough how much I love Project Life – how simple it is, how cute it is, and how collective it is.  Seriously.  Because of Project Life, I have captured random everyday moments that will now forever be memories, things I wouldn’t have otherwise photographed and documented.  It’s a nice reminder that life is full of little things, not just major events, tragedies, or holidays.
I love the everyday…
In the first week of August, we hung out with friends, Marley lost a tooth and helped cook dinner, Mark finally drove a car for the first time since his wreck (go here to read what happened), and Marley got her first skateboard.
If it weren’t for Project Life, I wouldn’t have so many pictures of me and mom – this one was just one random night that she came over for dinner.  🙂  We took a massive trip to Costco, and my sweet hubby bought me flowers and a card…for no reason!  🙂
The dogs wore themselves out at the off-leash dog park, Marley started gymnastics, and we geared up for back-to-school.
We enjoyed the last few days of summer (remember the countdown?), and Marley started 4th grade!
Have you ever had that fabulous Jack Daniel’s pulled beef from Costco?  It’s so good it deserved a place in the book!  My child lost 2 more teeth!  (That would be 6 in a month if you’re counting…the tooth fairy is going broke!)  And I cleaned my craft room!
I also like to put little keepsakes in page protectors, like this:
One of my flowers from my bouquet the sweet hubs gave me…
…the card he also gave me, and the first part of Marley’s countdown cards…
…and the rest of the countdown cards, along with her little love note from me 🙂  Oh, and a Menchie’s sticker – because I ate yogurt there and LOVED it!
Well, there you have it – the last 3 weeks of my Project Life book!
Come back tomorrow for a cute little craft that Marley and I worked on tonight.  It’s super easy!
See you tomorrow!


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