Project Life Week 3

I’m pretty sure I said this last week, but I am thoroughly enjoying Project Life this year.  I loved it last year, but there’s something different about it for me this year.  I’m not trying so hard to take a POTD.  Instead I’m just enjoying photography, enjoying the day-to-day of our lives, and enjoying the stories that show themselves in my pictures.
I’m also really enjoying the embellishing this year.  I didn’t embellish much at all last year, but I am loving it now!
{Week 3 title}
{Left Side}
I love using a combination of the CY365 prompts, along with searching for my Sunday Scavenger Hunt photos, to document my week.  On the left side of Week 3, here’s what I did:
Jan. 15th – CY365 Prompt – “In detail”.  We had just taken my hubby’s bandages off from his surgery, and counted 28 staples down an 8 1/2″ long incision.  Yummy, right?  Sorry.  But, the staples in detail actually made a pretty interesting picture.
Jan. 16th – CY365 Prompt – “Remember”.  Granted, it was MLK Day, but I didn’t document that.  On my way to work, I was greeted with this amazing sunrise, so I snapped a picture of it while I was stopped at a red light.  I “remember” God loves me, no matter what.
The owl picture was a gift from my daughter, and it was perfect for one of my scavenger hunt photos – “Color”.
Jan. 17th – I took my hubby to Wal-mart and he rode in the little scooter since he still can’t walk for 6 more weeks.  I filled another slot in my scavenger hunt photos – “A Day in My Life”.
{Right Side}
Jan. 18th – Scavenger Hunt item – “Sunset”.  I love this picture.  I chased down this sunset after dropping Marley off at gymnastics.
Jan. 19th – CY365 Prompt – “Tattered and torn” – I photographed the worn-out bottoms of my favorite jeans.  They are well-loved.
I didn’t take a picture on the 20th, and personally, I really don’t care.  🙂
Jan. 21st – Scavenger Hunt item – “Black and white” – My hubby sat up from his chair to love on one of our black labs, Dakota.  I have never in my life seen a dog love a man as much as she loves Mark.  They have a connection that’s just undescribable.  It’s so sweet 🙂
I took these on the 21st as well – this was Saturday’s little craft/organization project, which you will see more of over the next few days.  (Yes, that means tutorials are on their way!!)
{Extra addition to Week 3}
So, like I said, this was a busy week for me.  I had a couple of lunch meetings with some amazing women, so I added a flyer that I was given from one of my meetings simply by punching holes in it.  Then, I used a 4×6 flip pocket to write a journal entry about my meetings and the busy-ness that is my life these days, stuck it to the flyer, and voila!  🙂
If you want to get in on some super cool photo prompts, I listed several great resources in THIS POST, including CY365.  I found the Sunday Scavenger Hunt last weekend and I’m loving it – I shared all of my pictures in detail YESTERDAY, and there’s also a link to Ashley Sisk’s site where the linky party is hosted.  Be sure to stop by – there’s some great stuff in her blog.  She’s a fabulous photographer.
Remember, tomorrow is our {Not So} Tough Tuesday Linky Party!  Be sure to link up your crafy creations.  I’ll be sharing Part 1 of my weekend organization/craft project with you.
See you tomorrow!

The Mom Creative

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  1. Hi there, love your idea on using the avery labels! I just spent the better part of 2 hrs trying to figure out how to create a template for them in word (yea, not too tech savvy )…bout to pull every last hair out of my head- literally!! Could you pleeeeeeease tell me how you did this.

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