Project Life Week #4 and a Valentine’s Day Announcement!

I have to get this out of my system before I explode with excitement – I’ll get to my Project Life Week #4 in a minute.
SOOO giddy about this – Ok, ready?
Beginning THIS WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 1ST, One Tough Mother will be hosting a 14-day Valentine’s Blog Hop!  Shut up!
I have been scrambling to get it all put together, along with some other fabulous ladies who will be participating.  Here’s the schedule – stop by and say “hello” and be sure to come back here on February 1st!
Feb. 1 – One Tough Mother
Feb. 2 – DIY Dreamer
Feb. 3 – Pitter and Glink
Feb. 7 – One Tough Mother
Feb. 8 – Pint-Sized Baker
Feb. 9 – J Yipp Photography
Feb. 10 – Bird & Tree
Feb. 11 – Growing Up Gabel
Feb. 12 – Scrapity Anne
Feb. 13 – My Life and Kids
Feb. 14 – One Tough Mother
Thank you ladies for agreeing to participate!  I know it was kinda last minute, but sometimes that’s just how I roll 🙂  Glad you were willing to tolerate the crazy so we can do this together!


Ok, now on with the Project Life share!
We didn’t have a lot going on this week (shocking, I know!) but that’s why I love Project Life.  It’s interesting to me that no matter what’s going on, you can document it – even the small stuff.  As I’ve mentioned in week’s past, I’m not trying to take a picture each day.  It makes the pictures I do take that much more meaningful because they’re not forced.  This week’s layout is a prime example…
{Week 4 – Left Side}
I cleaned out my jewelry box and realized I have WAY too much owl jewelry (seriously, though, can you really have too much?).  My dog Dakota eye-balled my beer, and I got a mani/pedi.
{Title Card}
I ate at Panda Express for lunch one day this week and my fortune in my fortune cookie read, ” Step-by-step you will ascend the staircase of success.”  Now that’s a fortune worth keeping!  🙂
I used “Thickers” for part of my date in a glittery teal color for this week’s title.
{Week 4 – Right Side – Front part of Design B}
I used my first Design B page protector for this page.  It was perfect for the snapshots I took one night this week while Marley was (supposed to be) doing homework.
Marley was too busy being silly instead of doing her homework, so I pulled out the camera and snapped some pictures.  Eventually, she made me crack and I got silly right along with her.  She liked watching herself in the mirror while I snapped pictures.
I printed directly on one of the journaling cards to document the day I took all of these pictures and put it in one of the vertical 4×6 slots in Design B.
This is a note Marley gave to me the other day.  I cut part of it so it would fit into the other 2 4×6 vertical slots on the top part of Design B.
{Week 4 – Left Side – Back of Design B}
I like to include news stories in my Project Life album, so I saved part of the story of JoPa’s death, formatted it into a 4×6 image, and printed it vertically, along with a photo of JoPa.  (In case you’ve been under a rock, Joe Paterno, former long-time head coach of Penn State, died last Sunday.)
This filled the 3rd vertical spot in Design B.  I didn’t journal about this picture – simply typed right on the image itself.  Sweet tea is my favortie addiction.  (What can I say?!  I’m a southern girl!)
This is the bottom of Design B.  All 3 of these pictures were taken Saturday – busy day!  I journaled about each image and placed the journal card above or below it’s corresponding image.
It’s funny to me that, in a week where nothing was going on, I ended up with a left side, right side, and another left side layout.  Crazy!
This is why I love Project Life.  The simple things in life are documented, and will be fondly remembered and shared for (hopefully) generations.  My daughter will be able to look at these images with her children and remember the silly times she and I laughed together.  We’ll have those news stories that impacted our lives and our world.  We’ll have life…documented.

The Mom Creative

15 Responses

  1. I love seeing how people are using the different page layouts this year. I need to bust out my design G pages. I got a mani/pedi last week too! One of my favorite treats.

  2. Love the “B layout”. It’s interesting and mixes things up a bit.
    I love the idea of including news happenings from the week. I need to try that. I get pretty family-centric. This is a great way to broaden. Great idea!

  3. including news stories is awesome, love the impromptu photoshoot, she’ll remember that moment rather then her homework for the rest of her life and i know it’s things like this that happen because of PL. Be Calm and Project Life on!

  4. Wonderful pages! Love the note from your daughter & how you included the story of Joe P as it was definitely a big part of the week. I live in Northern AZ and we had an earthquake a few months back, I totally save the following day’s newspaper as that is SO uncommon & it shook my house.

    Thanks for sharing!!


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