Project Life Week 6

Well, Week 6 of 2012 is in the books!  And what a week we had…  I’m so thankful that I’m not holding myself to the Picture of the Day thing, because this week would have killed it.  I didn’t take a single picture Monday through Thursday.  Yea.  It was that kind of a week.

The Mom Creative

Fortunately, I took extra pictures on other days and I ended up with a full layout and a half!  Here’s what I ended up with:
This is the front side of Week 6, all taken on Sunday, February 5th.  Our new little church is growing and we had our first service in our new home, so I snapped a shot of that for sure – so exciting!  Then we had Super Bowl, of course.  I made Mark made the sausage cheese balls because I was super busy (what’s new, right?!).  The Super Bowl party we attended was a lot of fun, mostly because the kids were so entertaining.  🙂
This is the back side of Week 6.  The top 2 photos were taken Friday when Mark and Marley had their date night.  I used an adhesive heart paperclip to attach their movie ticket stubs in between their pictures.  The other photos are from Saturday.  We picked up Girl Scout cookies and sorted them.  Then we delivered some of them to the home where we celebrated New Year’s.  We ended up staying for dinner, and I spent a lot of time in front of their windows taking pictures of all of their birds at the feeders.
As I said, I didn’t take any pictures Monday through Thursday, but there was a lot going on – some too personal to share here.  I also got hit with a nasty flu bug, so I journaled all about it in a folded journal card.
I added a small photo of one of the birds in a journal card slot, then put the rest of my bird pictures in a separate page protector.
I did an entire front page with photos of the birds.  Here are a few in better detail:
They’re so pretty!  🙂
Anyway, let me wrap up Project Life….
On my bird page, I split one horizontal 4×6 picture in half to fill a couple of the smaller slots.  I also decorated a journal card to fill the last space.
I love the route I’m taking this year.  It’s a lot more free and creative than last year, and I’m able to use all of my photos, not just one per day.  I’m diggin’ it.  🙂
Hey don’t forget we’re still blog hopping around here.  Today, I’m really thrilled to have Anna from My Life and Kids participating in {Show Some Love}!  Be sure to stop by and say “hello”!
My Life and Kids
Then come back here tomorrow, on Valentine’s Day, where I’ll be wrapping up our 14-day blog hop!  WOO HOO!!!  This love fest has been SO FUN!
See you tomorrow!

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  1. I am super jealous of your bird photos. I put out food and get wrens. That’s it. Never any other songbirds. Love your layouts!


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