Project Life Weeks 8 & 9

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Hello dear friends!  I’ve been MIA for about a week or so – lots and lots going on around here.  My sweet baby girl turned 10 years old on the 22nd and I have a bunch of layouts to show you from all the happenings surrounding that big event.
I also want to take this time to introduce you to one of my fabulous sponsors – Plucky Momo!  You’ll see quite a bit of Emilie’s work in my layouts this week.  She has a really cute shop full of digital scrapbooking elements, and she offers Freebie Friday, where she gives away a new digital element each week!  Go say “hello” to Emilie at Plucky Momo!
Ok, I have bunches of pictures to show you from the last 2 weeks, so let’s get started:
{Week 8 Title Card}
{Week 8 Side One}
Pretty basic stuff so far. I finally got some washi tape so I used a bit of it on this page – love that stuff!
{Marley’s birthday}
Here’s where you’ll start to see Plucky Momo elements.  Wednesday, February 22nd was Marley’s actual birthday, so the hubs and I took her to Horse Town to let her pick out her first pair of boots, then we met up with my mom to have dinner.  The “Birthday Girl” insert is from Plucky Momo’s “Celebrate You” kit.
{Birthday Girl by Plucky Momo}
{I used another piece from Plucky Momo for the journal card.}
{More birthday pictures}
I absolutely love how this page turned out!  The design on the left is a banner I made using twine and washi tape 🙂  The top right corner – You Say It’s Your Birthday – is, again, from Plucky Momo!
{Marley’s Birthday Party}
The back side of the layout shows images from Marley’s actual party.  We went ice skating, then headed to our house for a cookout.  I decorated the right side with snowflakes and glitter paint, and added a little princess crown and “M” by a picture of Marley.
More party pictures, and more from Plucky Momo!  Here’s a closeup:
{Guest List & Journal Card}
The last of the party pictures!  *whew*  All of these are of Marley opening her gifts and blowing out her candles.  I used a combination of a digital element from Plucky Momo and some text in Picnik to do the “Make a Wish” card.
{Big Envelope by Becky Higgins}
I used the Big Envelope to hold Marley’s birthday cards, candles, and other goodies from the week.
Ok!  Still here?  Good, because I still have Week 9 to show you – but I promise it’s shorter 🙂
{Week 9 Title Card}
{Week 9 Side One}
Pretty basic layout.  I love the picture at the bottom right, though – can you guess what day that’s from?  Here’s another hint:
{6×12 page protector by Becky Higgins}
Yep – Leap Day!  I picked one of the pictures to use as the official Picture of the Day, but I liked the “outtakes” so much I put them in this 6×12 page protector.  I also added a cute little chipboard element that says “Smile”.  I’ll show you the other side in a sec.
{Week 9 Side Two}
Here’s the rest of the week – top left was March 1st.  It was almost 80 degrees here that day so Marley and I sat outside reading our books until it was too dark to see the pages.  March 2nd we had a crazy storm blow through – tornadoes and such.  Missed our house, thankfully, but still crazy.  And the bottom two pictures are from Saturday.  Marley’s school chorus sang the National Anthem at the Gwinnett Gladiators hockey game!  I was so proud!
{Back side of 6×12}
I used the other side of that 6×12 page protector to throw in a couple more pictures from the hockey game along with our tickets.
Ok, done.  Sorry this was sooooooooooooo long!  Thanks for sticking with me while I got caught up!

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  1. Kirsten…. Your project life is looking WONDERFUL!!!! I’m really proud of you! I wouldn’t be able to do something like that.. I would eventually get sidetracked

  2. Thanks Christine! Honestly, you’d be surprised at how easy it is to keep up with. My Sunday afternoons are my therapy time when I do my layouts 🙂


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