Quick & Easy DIY Closet Fix

Unpacking and organizing and throwing around boxes…that’s my life right now.
In the midst of all the unpacking, I ran across a little problem that I think a lot of people may have.
Too few cute shoes?  Well, that is a problem, but not the one I’m talking about today!  🙂
I wear heels pretty regularly, and have several pair (more than what’s in this picture, I assure you).  Anyway, in our new house, my closet has these lovely shoe shelves.  The problem?  My heels fall through unless they are placed justright.
Easy fix!
I have LOTS of cardboard lying around due to the insane amount of moving boxes.  I measured my shelves and cut a piece to fit.
I don’t really care too much for the look of cardboard, though.
I used this awesome adhesive shelf liner in the bathrooms – found it at TJ Maxx for only $6 for 60 feet!  Well, it works perfectly on cardboard, too!
See?  Now my heels don’t fall through the cracks AND I have a few super stylish shelves in my new closet!  (I’m so stinkin’ clever!)  🙂
Check out this other shelf liner I found at TJ Maxx for the kitchen:
Cute, right?  Seriously – loving this whole decorating and organizing and home stuff.
Later taters!!!

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