Quick Weekend Decorating

This is a two-for-one special post.  It’s a combination of a quick and easy decorating tip + a little update on our house we bought this summer!  BAM.  How about that?!
It’s amazing what a difference a little bit of paint can make in a room.  Our guest bedroom was apparently a little girl’s room for the previous owners.  While cute, the pink and green combo just wasn’t our style.
We wanted something neutral, but not white.  And with the chair rail in the room, I liked the idea of a two-tone room.  Off we went to buy paint, and in one Sunday afternoon, we got it done.
When the paint dried and the paint tape was removed, it looked so much better!

Every time I walk by this room now, I pause and smile.  One weekend afternoon + 2 small cans of paint in warm neutral colors = a super pretty and inviting guest room.

Do you have a quick and easy DIY tip to share?


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