Painted Ornament Craft Kit & A Random Act of Kindness

This is a sponsored post, which means I have been compensated with either a product, payment, or both. As a member of Blueprint Social, I was presented with this campaign.  The opinions are solely my own based on my interaction with the company represented herein.

There is a special thrill that I get from surprising people with unexpected and random acts of kindness.  It’s a gift to me to give little gifts to those I love, or even perfect strangers.  When I saw the opportunity to combine an opportunity to put together a Random Act of Kindness and create a craft, I knew it was a match made in heaven!

Random Act of Kindness Craft Gift Set

I remember when I was in middle school and high school, I had several “best friends”, and I have been very blessed in my life to hang on to quite a few of those friendships all these years later.  As an adult, those lasting, deep friendships are harder to come by.  Life is so busy, we have families and commitments, so carving out quality time to make and build new friendships is sometimes impossible.  When all the stars align, however, and those friendships spring up, they are worth holding on to.  My best friend Debbie is that special sort of soul who I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, was put in my path by God.  He blessed me so much with the gift of Debbie’s friendship, and I just truly love her to pieces.

I love her so much that I was able to put my disdain for Auburn football aside and create an orange and navy blue craft kit just for her!  (I’m a Georgia Bulldog, thankyouverymuch, and I bleed red & black!)  We’ll get to the packaging in a minute – let’s start with the story and the goodies inside!

Random Act of Kindness Craft Kit

The Backstory:

Debbie and I have been friends for about a year or so, and it’s one of those friendships that happened instantly.  We met at our church, and our daughters are close in age, we are both Southern women who have the love of college football running through our veins…even if we do pull for separate teams.  We both lean heavily on our faith and can spend hours and hours talking about absolutely nothing.  It’s the perfect friendship!  One of the things I love most about Debbie is her strong faith.  This woman has more than a full plate, it’s just overflowing, and she is always the most positive and uplifting person, regardless of her own circumstances.  She doesn’t hesitate to cover anyone who needs it in prayer, out loud, hands raised, in the middle of the bookstore or wherever.  When this woman prays, watch out!  Things are going to start happening!

Random Acts of Kindness Craft Kit

Because of the challenges she deals with on a day to day basis in her life, and because I was craving some Debbie-time, we loaded up the car one weekend with our clothes, our daughters, and gobs of craft supplies, and headed to our cabin in the mountains.  No TV, no cell phone service, no internet…just peace and quiet, and roaring laughter, and glitter everywhere!  It was fabulous!!  Debbie kept trying to convince me she didn’t have a crafty bone in her body, but I am hardheaded and told her that everybody is crafty, some just need a little encouragement.

Random Act of Kindness Craft Kit

So we crafted and crafted, making all kinds of fabulous ornaments.  Debbie and her daughter’s favorite, though, were the marble-painted ornaments.  Debbie was in the zone once I showed her how easy they are to make!

Random Acts of Kindness Craft Kit

The Gift:

Thanks to Consumer Crafts, I was able to put together a fabulous gift for Debbie.  She was so happy with her ornaments that she vowed to start crafting more often, so I thought the perfect gift for her would be a complete kit to make more ornaments!

Random Act of Kindness Craft Kit

I put together some fun products from Consumer Crafts to create a DIY Painted Ornament Kit for under $20:

I used a navy blue striped plastic container I had on hand to package it all up, then tied a pretty orange polka-dotted bow on top.  (Remember, she is an Auburn fan, and their colors are orange and navy, but I don’t hold that against her.)

Random Act of Kindness Craft Kit

Before I could finish wrapping it, though, I got Marley to help me make one of the marble-painted ornaments that Debbie loved so much to attach to the package.  To make your own, start with a glass ball ornament and a few DecoArt paints in various colors.

Random Act of Kindness Craft Kit

Drip some of each color into the ball ornament, then cover with your thumb and give it a good shake.

Random Act of Kindness Craft Kit

Turn it upside down to allow the excess paint to drip out, then allow it to dry.  You are left with a beautiful marble-painted ornament!

All that was left to do for Debbie’s gift was to attach the ornament Marley made and a note!

Random Act of Kindness Craft Kit

Yes, even the note is orange and navy.  I used Picmonkey to create the note, then printed it on cardstock, punched a hole and tied it on with ribbon.

Random Acts of Kindness Craft Kit

(Here’s another surprise – Debbie hasn’t seen it yet!)  Hee Hee!  I’m sneaky like that!  So, Debbie, if you are reading this, I know you are probably in tears right now, and I can just hear you saying something like, “Oh Special K I just love you so much!  You are too good to me!”  But the truth it, you are too good FOR me.  I don’t deserve such a sweet and amazing friend and sister in Christ, but I will take you for as long as the Lord allows me to have you in my life.  You bless me daily!

Put together your own Random Act of Kindness with the help of Consumer Crafts!  Find inspiration on their blog, Crafts Unleashed, and on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.

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Random Act of Kindness Craft Kit

This is a sponsored post, which means I have been compensated with either a product, payment, or both. As a member of Blueprint Social, I was presented with this campaign.  The opinions are solely my own based on my interaction with the company represented herein.

9 Responses

  1. Random Acts of Kindness are like crack to me… and I mean that in a good way! Just feel good to do and make me want to not stop! Looks like a great weekend and such a fun craft- what a thoughtful friend you are!

  2. You have the sweetest heart and most loving soul…I am the better for having you in my life! I loved crafting–and like you that weekend was a blessing to me!! Thank you Special K…for always giving from the heart! Love you sweet sister. I can’t wait to get my craft on using everything in that beautiful “orange and blue” tub—paradise!

  3. How fun! Escaping for a little while sounds amazing- and these ornaments would be great for the little ones, but with plastic balls instead!


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