Ribbon & Organizing & Crafting – OH MY!

This weekend is SO busy!  But I wanted to take a quick second to show you a few things that I’m working on.
So what am I getting into this weekend?  Well….
A little of this:
Some of that:
A tiny bit of this:
Even some of this:
I’m also getting tangled up in these:
And these:
So as you can see, I’m super busy, but I’m in my element – doing what I LOVE!  Crafting!!!
I wanted to share this with you real quick as well.  For color inspiration, I visited Pantone’s website yesterday and printed off page 2 of their downloadable PDF with the new line of Fall 2011 colors.  I cut the strips of color, laminated, trimmed, hole-punched…  And I liked it so I put a ring on it!  (Go ahead, laugh…that’s funny!)
Voila!  My very own Pantone key tag that I can keep attached to my keys and have handy anytime I need to buy ribbon this Fall!  YAY!  I’m so clever 😉
Aren’t those colors FABULOUS?!  Some great combinations…  Back to work I go!  Check back early in the week for a HUGE announcement – very exciting!  And next week I’ll dive into the details of all this fun stuff I’m working on.
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Travel Pantone Color Chart
Have a great weekend!


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