Ribbon Pumpkin Fall Pennant Banner

It’s starting to feel like Fall here in Georgia!  I’m resisting as much as possible, because I am most definitely a summer baby, but I can’t resist a good pumpkin craft.

My girls and I are back again this month for our round-up of awesomeness.  Last month we brought you fabulous apple-themed projects, and this month we are showing off our pumpkins!

There is so much pumpkin awesomeness to share this month!  For my pumpkin themed craft, I created a Ribbon Pumpkin Fall Banner – check it out:

You know when you get a picture in your head of what you want to create, then you go to Hobby Lobby and see some stuff on sale and your whole project changes?  Yea, that happened.  All of my supplies were 50% off when I went shopping!  Score!
I used black chevron striped fabric, orange letter stickers, and orange polka dotted ribbon. I thought I would use the orange chevron burlap, but it turns out I didn’t need it.

I stitched (gasp!  me? use needle and thread?  Yes, Virginia, there really is a Santa Claus.).  *ahem*  So, I stitched through the long edge of a piece of ribbon, then lightly and carefully pulled to cinch it up and made these little round ribbon things that would become my pumpkins.

(To be honest, I had to search my house high and low for a needle and thread.  I don’t sew folks.  Don’t judge.)

I cut my black chevron fabric into 2″ x 3″ rectangles then trimmed them to make them little pennants.  I slapped my alpha stickers on top to spell out “Happy Fall Y’all”.

Using green metallic pipe cleaners, I looped them through the orange things I stitched earlier, twisted them to create a stem, then wrapped the remaining pipe cleaner part around a pencil to make the curl.
I know, I’m so clever.

Ain’t it cute?!  A Ribbon Pumpkin Happy Fall Y’all Pennant Banner!


This isn’t the only pumpkin fabulousness for you today, oh no!  My favorite bloggers are sharing it all with you!

In case you don’t know who we all are, allow me to introduce you:

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Now, pop over and check out all of their pumpkin crafts and recipes!  Happy Fall Y’all!  (Just click on any of the photos below to be taken to the blog!)

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17 Responses

  1. That black chevron fabric is to die for! And I love that you used “y’all” in your banner. Though I’m a northerner through and through, in the English language, there is no better plural form of “you all.” “You guys” doesn’t cut it for me because, well, we are not all guys! So, yes, I totally use “y’all” on a regular basis. #withpride

    Anyway, ignore my dorky English major comment and feel my virtual high five for this awesome pumpkin project! Brava!

    The Thinking Closet

  2. I am going to make this banner, love the colors and your little pumpkins especially. Really love colors and how you put letters on flags. I have some chevron ribbon so maybe it’s wide enuf to use as flags. Excuse me I have to go check
    Did make one banner but grand daughters came over and both wanted something I had up so gave them both. I’d made a paper feather wreath the oldest one wanted and then youngest wanted the banner. Hope so anyway. I felt very honored that two teenage girls would want what their old grama made. But now I need a Fall banner to hang from our shutter shelf (a.k.a. our mantel). Whenever daughter and family come over they look around the house to see what I’ve made. For some reason they are surprised that an old lady (74) keeps so busy making things. When I used to work I’d make decorations for our office, really miss that. Helped me keep my creativity buzzing. Now I make things to give away if I don’t use them to decorate our house and front porch.
    One year I made special little ornaments for neighbors grand kids. I just love to make things. Another time rescheduled my knee replacement so I could finish making ornaments for an exchange and for friends and family, had to mail them all. While I was having surgery Dec. 14th.hubs took them all to mail for me. My orthopaedic surgeon asked me why I changed date of surgery, he laffed his butt off when I told him why. Was supposed to have surgery on Dec. 7th. I just couldn’t disappoint people that counted on getting their ornaments. He’d already done my right knee so he knew what a craft nut I am.
    I had made bunch of ornaments for him and his staff also. It’s a great feeling when people really enjoy things I’ve made. After Christmas when I went for appointment the ornaments were all over the office and lobby. His nurse told me I could have sold gobs of them as people were asking where they could get them.
    Ah well my hayday is over as I’ve run out of knees to replace. Maybe when hubs has his knee replaced I could make some. He’ll be at VA hospital.
    So guess what I’ll be making tomorrow, will have to make my own lettrs but will be ok too. Have stencils I use to trace them. We live out in country away from where I could get letters and I’m out of money til next Wed. anyway. More fun to make my own letters. Happy Fall


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