Introducing the Saving Grace Print Shop

I'm excited to introduce you to the all new Saving Grace Print Shop, now on Etsy! The Saving Grace Print Shop is now home to all of your faith-based and lifestyle digital downloads, including monthly Bible reading plans and workbooks, and Canva templates like the Family Binder printables and New Home Binder printables. I will be consistently adding new products to the shop, so be sure to add the Saving Grace Print Shop to your list of favorite Etsy shops so you get all of the updates!

Saving Grace Print Shop

Several years ago when I rebranded my blog to what it is today, I knew that I wanted to find as many ways as possible to share God with others. I’m very fortunate to have gained skills that allow me to create digital downloads, and when I combine that skill with my love for deep and intentional Bible study, I can create Bible studies, reading plans, and other faith-based resources to share.

But the Saving Grace Print Shop won’t solely be faith-based printables, although I will be published more reading plans and workbooks very soon. My little blog motto, so to speak, is to help women find balance in the busy. That’s why I’ll be adding more printables and Canva templates that will help you run your home, life, and family more efficiently.

Here’s a sample of what’s currently in the shop, and more will be added over the coming weeks and months.

Faith-Based Resources

The Saving Grace Print Shop is now home to all of my faith-based printables including the ever-popular “Foundations of the Bible” Reading Plan & Workbook, as well as all of the new reading plans & workbooks I’ll be creating, beginning with “Renewal”, which launched at the end of December.

Lifestyle Resources

I currently have two lifestyle & home resources in the shop, and will be adding more soon. The New Home Binder and Our Family Binder are both fully editable Canva templates, which means you will receive a link to open in Canva where you can then change and update anything you’d like, from fonts and colors to the text and images on the pages.

It’s kind of neat to see the many iterations of the New Home Binder since I first created one for myself during our move in 2012. It’s come a long, long way from PDFs made in Google Docs to now a beautiful, editable Canva templates. 

So, follow along on the blog, sign up for emails, and that way you’ll always know when new products hit the shop! 


I'm Kirsten & I'm happy you're here! Sweet Tea & Saving Grace supports women seeking to find balance in the busy, deepen their faith, and instill joy and love in their homes, lives, and blogs by providing encouraging and inspiring content and valuable resources. My prayer is for you to leave here better than when you came. Be blessed!