5 Days with Joseph: Bigger Than You Bible Study

“5 Days with Joseph: Bigger Than You” is a five-day deep dive into the life and ministry of Joseph, one of Jacob’s twelve sons, firstborn to Jacob’s wife Rachel. You will walk with Joseph as a not-so-humble teenager sharing his dreams with his older brothers. You will spend time in slavery, then in prison, as Joseph’s faith matures and God’s will for his life is slowly revealed. And through it all, you will see how God’s plans for your life are bigger than you.

My goal is for you to begin learning how to dig into God’s word, not just read it at a surface level. I pray you will find connections between Joseph’s life and your own, and form a new perspective of God’s goodness and holiness, realizing that His plans are bigger than you.

Learn to wait on God and trust His plan for your life, despite difficult circumstances. 

5-Days with Joseph Digital Bible Study – $8

The “5 Days with Joseph: Bigger Than You” Bible study is a 14-page PDF available for immediate download that includes daily reading assignments and questions that will help you dig deeper into the life of Joseph. **NO PHYSICAL PRODUCT WILL BE SENT.