Foundations of the Bible Reading Plan

The Foundations of the Bible reading plan is a two-month study that is designed to provide you with scripture readings each day, Monday through Friday, allowing weekends for rest and catching up. During the first month, you will study the Old Testament, then cover the New Testament in the second month.

The goal that I have for this reading plan, and the prayer that I have for you, is this:

By the end of this reading plan, you will have an understanding of the Bible as one complete book, have a closer relationship with God, and have the foundation in place to dig deeper in studies that are based on a specific topic, event, or book of the Bible.

I firmly believe that our understanding of individual books of the Bible, people, and events, is amplified when we understand how that book, person, or event fits into the overall story of Jesus Christ.

Reading Plan Book – $8

The Foundations of the Bible reading plan book is a 64-page PDF available for immediate download that includes the reading plan calendar, daily pages, weekly pages, and descriptions of the Old and New Testaments.