{Show Some Love} Day 7 – Dude Valentine

Hello lovelies!  I’ve decided to forgo the linky party this week – so sorry.  I’ve had way too much on my plate and it was hard enough to get my post done, so we’ll get back to {Not So} Tough Tuesday’s in the next couple of weeks.  (Next Tuesday is Valentine’s Day, so I’m thinking of skipping that day, too!)
Have you been following the love fest so far?  There have been some awesome creations by some fabulous ladies!  And there’s more to come!  Tomorrow, Pint Sized Baker is taking the cake, so to speak, so be sure to head over there and say “hi” to Karyn!
Anywho – Today, I’m the one Showing Some Love, and this creation is all about the dude in your life!  It’s so easy, and you know he’ll love it.
Get a 6-pack of beer and a couple of steaks, then do this:
Cover the 6-pack carrier in scrapbook paper and decorate to your heart’s content (pun absolutely intended!).
Here’s the mess I made decorating mine…
I used a 1″ hole punch to cover the tops of the bottles, and used my stamps to make “Love Potion No. 9” on the front.  🙂
I found a 2-pack of heart-shaped tins at Wal-mart for somewhere around $3.  So, I wrapped two steaks in tin foil and placed them inside one of the tins.
I slapped a felt heart sticker on the top and voila!  Instant Dude Valentine!
Won’t your man be surprised to open the fridge and see this waiting for him?  🙂
Happy Valentine’s Day!

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