{Show Some Love} with Pitter & Glink AND A Valentine Tutorial!

It’s Day 3!!!  Bethany is rockin’ it over on Pitter & Glink – go say “Wassup!
Tomorrow, we’re kicking it over to Katie at My Amazing Chaos of Life!  Lots of love going around!

So, Wednesday when we began this wonderful Love Fest here on the blog, I showed you the Valentine’s craft I’m making for Marley’s Girl Scout troop – Gumball Jewelry.  I also mentioned that I have a second craft that I’m working on as well.  This one is for Marley’s 4th grade class.
I’m sure you’ve probably seen these all over Pinterest by now – they were done originally by Simply J Studio.  That’s where the idea came from.  However, I could not find a tutorial…just the image.  So, I figured it out, and I’m sharing with you today – along with a free printable if you’re so inclined…

  • Yellow cardstock
  • Pink scrapbook paper
  • Aluminum foil
  • 1″ hole punch
  • paper cutter
  • Scalloped-edge or zig-zag edge scissors
  • Rolo’s and Hershey kisses
  • glue dots
  • 2-sided tape
  • Scotch tape
  • Scrapbook glue
*Disclaimer:  After I made a couple of these and took pictures, I realized it would be best to go ahead and cut the paper to 5″, not 6″.  See, you’re learning from my mistakes!
Ok, your yellow cardstock needs to be cut to size.  The size I found best to work with is 5″ by 3 1/2″ for each pencil.
Fold ridges into your paper to make it look more like a pencil.  This is done horizontally along the 5″ wide part of the cardstock.
It should roll up nicely to look similar to the body of the pencil when you’re finished folding.  (If you plan to write anything on your pencil, now would be the time.  I wrote “No. 1 Valentine” on ours.)
Use your pink paper to make the eraser.  Cut a strip 3 1/2″ long (to match the width of the yellow paper) and about 1″ wide to allow for some overlap.
Cut a 1″ circle for the top of the eraser as well.
Cut strips of aluminum foil roughly the same size as the pink paper.  3 1/2″ long to match.
Use glue dots to attach one Hershey Kiss to the Rolo’s.  Cut the flag off of the Kiss, too.
Use your zig-zag or scalloped scissors to cut along the 3 1/2″ side of the yellow paper.
Using regular scotch tape, attach the foil first, then the pink paper to the FLAT 3 1/2″ end of the yellow paper (not the scalloped end – that’s where the point of your pencil will be.)
*Tip:  I attached tape to the foil, then laid the foil face-up on my table and carefully placed the yellow paper over the top of the foil.  You want to be able to see some of the foil and then some of the pink paper above your yellow paper, so it helps to look at it while you are attaching these pieces.  Does that make sense?
Trim any weird eges – it’s starting to look like a pencil!
Using 2-sided tape, attach the pack of Rolo’s to the inside of your pencil.  Be sure that the Kiss is slightly inside the scalloped edge of your paper.
Put a strip of 2-sided tape on the inside of each 5″ edge of the yellow paper and roll it tightly around your Rolo’s.  Seal with regular scotch tape for extra hold if you like.
Dab some Scrapbooker’s Glue to the top of your eraser and place the 1″ circle on top.
I’ll also be attaching a little card to each one to let Marley’s class know who these are from.  I’ve made a card for you, too!  Enjoy!
{Right-click on the image above and save to your computer.  Print as many as you like!}
*Revision:  I had a not-so-nice comment this morning from someone posting anonymously, harshly pointing out that I mistakenly left out the apostrope and e from “you’re” above and criticizing me for handing this out to children with a grammer mistake.  To “Anonymous” – please don’t be the grammar police.  I take a lot of time and put in a lot of effort to read and re-read every single post on my blog to check for proper grammar and spelling, and I am by no means perfect so occasionally I miss something.  However, I have corrected the mistake, and thank you for pointing it out.*
I’m done with my rant – sorry 🙂  Happy Valentine’s Day!

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  1. These are so cool and I haven’t seen them before! Making them for my daughter’s girl scout troop! Thanks 🙂

    And BOO! to anonymous! LOL


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