Simple Dog Silhouette Portrait

Hey y’all!  I’m excited to be participating in a brand new feature on my friend Michelle’s blog, Dandelion Patina.  She is featuring bloggers and our furbabies and asked me to go first!  To go along with my interview on her blog, I’ve created a Simple Dog Silhouette Portrait that you can make at home for your own furbabies!

Simple Dog Silhouette Portrait | Sweet Tea & Saving GraceWhen I was at Haven Conference over the summer, one of the sponsors was Behr paints.  They had a craft table set up allowing us to make any variation of these cute silhouette portraits that we wanted.  They had birds, cats, and several dog shapes to choose from.  It’s such a cute craft that I thought it would be fun to share with you today!

Simple Dog Silhouette Portrait | Sweet Tea & Saving GraceTo make this craft at home, you’ll need:

  • A 4×6 Dollar Store picture frame
  • A piece of background paper cut to 4×6
  • An outline of your shape or silhouette
  • Acrylic paint
  • Paint brush

Simple Dog Silhouette Portrait | Sweet Tea & Saving GraceFirst, remove the glass from the frame and set the frame to the side.

Place the glass over the stencil/silhouette and use your paintbrush to trace the shape onto the glass.  Simply fill in with paint in any color of your choice.

Simple Dog Silhouette Portrait | Sweet Tea & Saving GraceI chose to do a solid black dog on my glass.  My girls are black labs and I thought this silhouette looked like them.

After allowing your paint to dry on the glass, simply put the frame back together, adding the patterned paper to the inside of the frame instead of a photo.

Simple Dog Silhouette Portrait | Sweet Tea & Saving GraceI’m thinking of making a second silhouette and adding my girls’ names above the dog shape.  These would be cute hanging on the wall by their dog food and leashes!

Simple Dog Silhouette Portrait | Sweet Tea & Saving GraceThat’s it!  The simplest craft ever, I do believe.  🙂

I would love for you to visit me at Dandelion Patina to read all about my girls.  I’m sharing the story of how they came to live with us, the torturous and humorous task of naming them, and other funny stories!

Creating An Inviting Entryway with Graham & Brown | Sweet Tea & Saving GraceCome on over and say hello!

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  1. Thank you Emma! I actually got the silhouette from a vendor booth at a blog conference, but it’s fairly simple. You might be able to freehand it, or maybe find a picture with that pose and trace it? Good luck!


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