Spring Break Travel Tips {Week 2}

Hello fabulous ladies!  It’s time for the second installment of Spring Break Travel Tips!  Last week, I gave you a “To-Do” list for travel preparation, such as getting your car serviced, and making a family iPod playlist.
This week, I want to help you get your clothing and supplies together and organized in plenty of time before you have to pack up and hit the road.  Here’s how I do it:
First, each family member pulls out last year’s summer clothes and we take inventory.  I laid out all of Marley’s shorts and skirts and had her try them all on.  I did the same for my own clothes, too.
I pulled out everything that doesn’t fit, or I don’t like, etc.  Then I took inventory of what was left.
So I know how to shop, I take pictures of my basic pieces so I can match them.  I can send these to my phone and pull them up when I’m shopping!  Easy peasy!  (Don’t forget to try on your swim suits, too!)
While taking inventory, don’t forget the basic beach supplies:
Aloe & Sunscreen…
…Towels, etc.
You might also want to check your luggage, beach bags, beach chairs, blankets, etc.  Make sure everything is in working order and ready to go for your big vacation!
Also, if you’re anything like me, you want to make sure you have a great camera with a large memory card to capture all those memories!
Happy Travels! 🙂


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