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Sweet Tea & Saving Grace has been online for a long time. Before the blog was even called “Sweet Tea & Saving Grace”, I was producing content in the form of blog posts, first along with photography on KThompson Studios, then under the name “One Tough Mother”. It was after a literal come-to-Jesus moment in my bathroom that I rebranded to what is now known as “Sweet Tea & Saving Grace”.

The content on this site has evolved tremendously over time as well. When I started blogging, I was newly remarried after a nasty divorce, mom to an elementary school kid, living in a rental house, working a full-time job I hated. Now, I’m fourteen years into a beautiful marriage, raising a daughter in college at UGA, running a dream business in downtown Greensboro, and living in our dream home on a lake in Georgia along with my retired mother.

Since my rebrand in 2014, one thing has remained constant – the sharing of my faith and my transparency about life and work. In fact, my faith has only gotten stronger over the years. And even though I’ve taken many breaks from blogging due to life and business, this has always been my home on the internet.

I want Sweet Tea & Saving Grace to feel like home for you, too. 

What do I mean by that? Well, I want to help you find balance in all aspects of your life. I believe that balance and contentment begin with a foundation in Christ. I’ll share tips for Bible study, as well as insights into scripture.

I also want you to find balance in your home. Whether you’re trying to rid your home of chemicals and learn more about essential oils, or find ways to organize your time or your belongings, I’ll share posts to help you with those, as well.

Additionally, I want to help you find balance with your work life. I will share tips on how to start and run a blog and online business, as well as information about working from home. 

The mission of Sweet Tea & Saving Grace is to support women seeking to find balance in the busy, deepen their faith, and instill joy and love in their homes, lives, and blogs by providing encouraging and inspiring content and valuable resources.

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Hey friend!

I’m so excited to get to know you! Let me tell you a bit about the voice behind the blog:

I’m a 40-something wife & mom living in Greensboro, Georgia, on Lake Oconee, with my husband of 16 years, 22-year old daughter, and my mom, along with our four kitties – Lucky, Maxine, Clover, and Poe. 

I’m the co-owner of Lake + Local, a wholesale apparel company based in Greensboro, GA.

Some of my favorite things: sweet tea (of course!), cows (they’re so cute!), travel (literally anywhere!), tattoos (I have 9 & counting!), and being on our boat on the lake as much as possible (it’s a dream come true!). 

I’m super passionate about helping women discover the love of Christ, learn how to study the Bible and actually understand it, simplify and detoxify their lives through essential oils, and proper planning and organization, and reminding them to have more fun in their daily lives! 

I pray you’ll be inspired, encouraged, and feel love and joy through my blog posts, videos, emails, and social media posts. Feel free to touch base with me and tell me about you!