How to Stencil A Concrete Floor

Last month I asked all of you, my fabulous readers, to vote for my laundry room makeover, and you most definitely made some beautiful choices!  I’ve got some finishing touches to put on the space before the “big reveal” but I wanted to show you the finished floor!  Thanks to Royal Design Studios for supplying me with the stencil for this project!  I can’t wait to show you How to Stencil A Concrete Floor!

How to Stencil A Concrete Floor  |  Sweet Tea & Saving GraceYou might remember that I started with a seriously ugly laundry room that had peeled linoleum on the floor.  Let’s take a little stroll down memory lane, shall we?

How to Stencil A Concrete Floor  |  Sweet Tea & Saving GraceOh yes, I remember now.  (Bleh!)  The hubs and I put down a few carpet squares to temporarily help the situation, but, alas, it was time for some updating.

After removing the washer and dryer, we had to peel up all of that oh-so-gross linoleum.  So we peeled…

How to Stencil A Concrete Floor  |  Sweet Tea & Saving Grace…and we peeled…

How to Stencil A Concrete Floor  |  Sweet Tea & Saving Grace…and we peeled and scraped and peeled and scraped some more.  (Notice I use the collective term “we”…meaning my husband, as I supervised.)

Y’all voted for a clean gray concrete floor painted with pretty stencil patterns, and I really wanted to deliver.  Here’s the kicker, though.  Once we peeled and scraped, we weren’t left with a pretty gray floor.  We were left with a weird pink and gray floor.  I later found out the pink is actually a waterproof coating, so there’s that.

How to Stencil A Concrete Floor  |  Sweet Tea & Saving GraceHave no fear!!  Porch & Floor paint is here!!!

I bought some light gray porch and floor paint and a really super soft microfiber roller, then taped off my little border and got to work!

How to Stencil A Concrete Floor  |  Sweet Tea & Saving GraceIf you ever paint a concrete floor, you want it as smooth as a baby’s bottom before you paint.  So after scraping all the glue left behind from the linoleum, we lightly sanded, then cleaned the crap out of that floor and dried it completely.

The microfiber roller is another essential for painting concrete.  It makes the paint go on oh-so-smooth!  No need for a paint tray, either.  Just pour the paint on the floor then use your roller to spread it.

How to Stencil A Concrete Floor  |  Sweet Tea & Saving GraceAfter two coats of paint, we have a floor that easily mimics a clean gray concrete floor.  Hooray for progress!!

By the way, this stuff dries pretty quickly, but it’s best to let it set overnight so it’s not tacky.

How to Stencil A Concrete Floor  |  Sweet Tea & Saving GraceNow it was time to add the stencil!  I chose the Kaleidoscope Stars Wall Stencil from Raven + Lily Designer Stencils Collection.  I love it so much!  All stencils from Royal Design Studios come with instructions for painting the stencil, so it’s easy peasy!  You can also learn more about how to stencil HERE., you find the center of your floor (or wall, if that’s what you’re painting).  Since I was on the floor, and it’s such a small space, I didn’t even bother taping it down. used a small foam roller to just roll the stencil pattern onto the floor.  After each stencil has been filled, I carefully peeled up the stencil and used the markings on each side to line it up for the next row., I’m going to be totally honest with you.  I was wrestling with a pinched nerve in my back when I did this, and I knew the washer and dryer were coming back in and would cover a lot of this floor space.  I kinda cheated and didn’t completely cover the floor, y’all.  But unless you move the washer and dryer, you can’t even tell!  I save my back and some time!’t it pretty!?  I am just pleased as punch with how well it turned out!  It was so, so easy, and really adds a nice design flair to my laundry room. I just can’t wait to show you the entire room!  It’s so gorgeous, and this floor really pops!  (Y’all are fabulous little designer bees, I tell ya!)

UPDATE:  See the BIG REVEAL of the Laundry Room Makeover HERE!

Laundry Room Makeover | Sweet Tea & Saving Grace

Hey, don’t go just yet!  Royal Design Studios graciously gifted me with this beautiful stencil, and they want to give you a chance to win one, too!  Good luck!!

Giveaway Guidelines:  Sorry!  This giveaway has ended.

– Winner will receive a $50 credit towards purchase at Royal Design Studio, valid towards purchase of any stencil, wall decal, or stencil product with free shipping included.
– Winner must be in the contiguous United States
– Giveaway will remain open beginning today, 10/21/14 through midnight EST 10/28/14

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15 Responses

  1. The floor looks awesome Kirsten! I may have to use this idea in my basement. Or at least a small section of it. 😉

  2. I’d probably choose the same one you got, the Kaleidoscope Stars Wall Stencil. That has a really nice look to it. I would probably use it on an accent wall, perhaps in the bathroom. Very good job on your floor!

  3. Nicely done! One day, I’d like to stencil my patio. But for now, I’d be interested in re-doing my bedroom and would love a stencil with script! I saw one on their site, but couldn’t find the name. They are all very pretty!

  4. I absolutely LOVE this!!! My washer and dryer are sitting on a gray basement floor with an ugly rusty drain right in front of them. When I can figure out what to do with the floor drain situation, I am going to do this asap! You are brilliant for bringing this to us. I bet there are so many who are living with the same situation. Thank you.

  5. Wow! What an incredible transformation! I love RDS stencils and the one you chose is PERFECT for adding light and levity to your laundry room space. Everything’s coming together so well, Kirsten! I know it’s a heck-a-lotta-work, but it’s SO worth it!

  6. Thank you Lauren! We really, really love it. It’s so refreshing every time I do laundry now…which is practically everyday HA!

  7. So glad you like it Karen! I hated that nasty floor but this makes a huge difference. It’s easier to keep clean, too, now that it’s smooth concrete. Good luck with your own transformation! Send pictures when you get it done!


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