DIY Seashell Windchime

Welcome to Week 3 of Summer Fun Camp 2013!  This week, we are putting our Toes In The Sand and celebrating all things Beachy!  Grab your swimsuit and flip flops and let’s hit the beach!
We’re kicking off this week’s fun with a DIY Seashell Windchime!  What better way to keep a little beach love at home!
Grab some string or twine, your shell collection, and a hot glue gun.  For the top of the windchime, you can use a stick or, in my case, we used a paper plate.
First, I cut 4 long pieces of twine and taped each end down so I could lay out the shells.
I chose my shells and laid them out on the twine.
Then I grabbed my trusty hot glue gun and stuck all the shells to the twine.
While I was busy gluing shells, Marley got busy decorating the plate.
Here’s the inside:
…and the back side.  You’ll need to poke a few holes in your plate in order to hang your strings of shells, plus a hole in the middle.  You’ll attach a string in the middle to hang your windchime.
Once your shells are glued, just hang each string of shells and knot the top, then hang your windchime!

Easy peasy, right?!

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  1. Thanks Tara! If you really want it to “chime” you might add some bells or something. The shells clanking together doesn’t make much noise, but it is pretty to look at!


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