The Dunkin Donuts Incident…

Marley and I had a fantastic morning yesterday.  We both woke up in a great mood, acted silly while getting ready for work and school, and decided to stop at Dunkin Donuts for a quick breakfast.  We were even a little early heading out the door, which made me happy because Marley had CRCT testing so I wanted to make sure she had time to relax before they started testing.
So, we headed out, and ran in Dunkin Donuts.  Marley picked out a yummy-looking donut with blue icing and sprinkles and some chocolate milk.  I grabbed a bottle of water – you know, to be healthy – and some munchkins (don’t judge me!).  As we turned to head out the door back to the car….
Yep, I had put my keys down to grab my wallet, then as I exited the car, I locked the door using the button on the inside of the door rather than the key remote.
Sure enough, when we looked, there were my keys – resting comfortably in the center console of  my car, right below my cell phone.
Seriously?  This is how this day is going to go?
Ok, so I gathered my thoughts, went back inside, and used Dunkin Donuts’ phone to first call mom – gotta get Marley to school before testing begins – then AAA – to unlock my damn car.  UGH.
In the end, it wasn’t all bad.  A very nice gentleman offered me his Acura loaner car to drive Marley to school, which I politely declined because I just didn’t feel comfortable doing that.  However, mom made it and saved the day by getting Marley to school just in time for testing.  And AAA showed up to quickly unlock my car, and I was only an hour late to work.
In the midst of the chaos, Marley turns to me and says, “Mommy, this is like heaven.”  I asked her what she meant by that.  In her 9-year old infinite wisdom, she says, “We are surrounded by donuts, and we can’t leave!”
Love her 🙂

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