Thinking Outside the Gift Box Review

Every now and then, we are fortunate enough to meet someone who quickly becomes a genuine best friend, someone who is always there to offer an encouraging word, a funny joke, a prayer from the heart…  Lauren from The Thinking Closet is that friend to me.  I mean it when I tell you that I love her dearly, and today, I am honored to help her promote her new e-book by sharing it with you!  Introducing, “Thinking Outside the Gift Box – 21 Money Saving and Meaningful Gift Ideas“.

Thinking Outside the Gift Box | Sweet Tea & Saving Grace
Lauren has been pouring her heart & soul into this book for months, and when she sent me the draft to review, I was blown away!  I emailed her letting her know that I wanted to help her spread the word, because friends, you need this book!

Here’s the truth.  You could scour Pinterest for hours upon hours and compile some seriously amazing handmade gift ideas.  Heck, I’ve even shared a few round-ups here on the blog of various handmade gift ideas.

But Lauren’s ebook goes way beyond just gift ideas.  That’s the coolest part of “Thinking Outside the Gift Box“, in my opinion.  This is Lauren’s heart, her story, her memories and experiences beautifully woven throughout the chapters that provide you with tons of gift ideas for every person and every occasion.

As I read, not only was I inspired to recreate these gift ideas, but I was touched.  She shares sweet stories of how she met her husband, and how she loves nothing more from her man than a handwritten letter, because that’s one of his talents.  She shares hilarious memories that will keep you in stitches, like the video she made for her sister’s birthday.  (Seriously, you’ll crack up!)  She tells of growing up surrounded by amazing gift-givers and crafters, and how they influenced her and molded her into the person she is today.

Thinking Outside the Gift Box” is a gift in itself, and I will put my personal seal of approval on it and guarantee that you will never run out of gift ideas ever again.  Promise.  Cross my heart.

I was so inspired by Lauren’s ideas that I decided to create a Thanksgiving Survival Kit, a special gift for my daughter.  You see, her dad and I are divorced which means that we have to rotate our holidays.  This year, she will spend the week of Thanksgiving with her dad, so I’ve used some of Lauren’s ideas to create a fun little gift for her to enjoy while she’s gone.

Thanksgiving Survival Kit | Sweet Tea & Saving Grace

Lauren provides these fun Survival Kit printables, so I printed one out and wrote the contents of Marley’s Thanksgiving Survival Kit – a book she’s been asking for, her favorite candy and gum, and a scented candle.  She’s kind of fallen in love with scented candles lately!

These are just little tokens of my affection, and will help keep her occupied while she’s out of school for a week for Thanksgiving.  I love the simplicity of this unexpected gift, and it’s something I wouldn’t have thought to do had Lauren not put the idea in my head!  (Thank you Lauren!)

I encourage you to pick up a copy of “Thinking Outside the Gift Box” for yourself or a friend.  Lauren has put together 3 package options for you:

  • BASIC: eReader version with Printables Appendix (11 printables that correspond with gift ideas in the book, 4 inspirational quotes)
  • MIDDLE: pdf version with printables
  • PREMIUM: eReader version, pdf version, audio book, printables appendix, access to 3 expert interviews, birthday & anniversary calendar, printable gift cards, membership to the Insider’s Club for monthly gift tips, and more

Thinking Outside the Gift Box Giveaway | Sweet Tea & Saving Grace

Basically, your holiday gift wrap is going to be rockin’ this year. All that you need now is some inspiration to get your gift-creating started. And she’s totally got you covered there, too.

Full Disclosure: I received a free preview copy of Lauren’s eBook in order to share this review. However, all opinions are my own. I only recommend products or services I personally use and believe my readers will love.

18 Responses

  1. Oh my dear, dear friend. Just when I think I can’t POSSIBLY receive any more love from you than I already have, I have to go and read this post. Thank you for celebrating this eBook and encouraging my heart. I’m also floored that you already put one of the gift ideas to use – – and in such a loving way. That’s EXACTLY the heart of the book, Kirsten…so thanks for helping to get the #thinkingoutsidethegiftbox revolution kicked off in such a fantastic way! Off to share this project on my F.B. page. 😉

  2. See, that’s the great part about your book – it really was so EASY to make a thoughtful gift! I love the simplicity of each of the gifts you discuss, but they all come from the heart. You rocked it, girl, and I’m so happy to be a part of the launch!

  3. My hubby is so hard to shop for, too, but I promise you, after reading Lauren’s book, your head will be swimming with gift ideas! Seriously! And they’ll be meaningful…things he’ll treasure for years to come. (Hey, maybe we should leave a copy out on the table for our hubby’s to see???) 🙂

  4. I love giving useful and meaningful gifts, and I have the same issue – I feel like I run out of ideas. I’ve got tons of them now from Lauren’s book. You’ll love the ideas in there! Promise!

  5. My mom is the hardest to buy for. She’s not really into anything….. It’s hard to find the perfect gift. Hoping Lauren can help me out!

  6. I think that gift giving just becomes challenging year after year as we try hard to stick to budgets and get useful, meaningful gifts. We agreed as a family a few years ago to make Christmas about the kiddos, so we’ve eliminated the “what’s do I get” for all the adults.

  7. I would have to say my Mom, although she is very gracious and likes everything I always try to be creative and show her how much I love and appreciate her. She has everything though! Thank you for the chance to win the book.

  8. Had never heard of it– but I am already in love with this book! Thank you for introducing me to it 🙂

  9. I can’t wait to read this book!! Sounds great!! The hardest person to shop for in my family is my dad. He never wants or needs anything.


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