Thinking Outside the Gift Box

Do you have a few people on your Christmas list who just seem impossible to shop for? I sure do! *ahem* mom *ahem* My family & I love giving intentional gifts, gifts that have meaning, gifts filled with memories. Lauren from The Thinking Closet knows all about that, and wrote the book on it! Check out “Thinking Outside the Gift Box” and see my ideas for meaningful handmade gifts.

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I’m continuing the 12 Days of Sweet Tea Christmas with a review of my friend Lauren’s new book. It was so fun to have it in my hands – an official printed book! And I was touched by what I saw as soon as I cracked it open to the first page!

Check out the video below (or HERE if you’re having issues seeing it), to learn more about Lauren’s book, “Thinking Outside the Gift Box”, and to see some of my own handmade gifts of intention!



1. eBook in PDF Format
2. FREE BONUS: Printables Toolkit
3. Inspirational Printable Quotes
4. Inspirational Printable Cards
5. Discount price for paperback gift copies


1. Paperback book (178 pages)
2. FREE Shipping to the U.S.
3. eBook version in PDF Format
4. FREE BONUS: Printables Toolkit
5. Inspirational Printable Quotes
6. Inspirational Printable Cards
7. Discount price for additional gift copies


  • 1. Paperback book signed by author
  • 2. Gift-Giving Supply Kit
  • 3. FREE Shipping to the U.S.
  • 4. FREE BONUS: Printables Toolkit
  • 5. eBook version in PDF Format
  • 6. Audio Book Recorded by the Author
  • 7. Inspirational Printable Quotes & Cards
  • 8. Gift-Giving Brainstorming Worksheet
  • 9. Birthday & Anniversary Calendar
  • 10. Holiday Gift Tracker
  • 11. DIY Gift Wrap Guide: 101 Creative Ideas
  • 12. Annual Subscription to Insiders Newsletter
  • 13. Exclusive Expert Interviews
  • 14. Discount price for additional gift copies


Click the images below to see each gift idea in detail:

Instagram Journal

Instagram Gratitude Journal | Sweet Tea & Saving Grace

Wood Block Photos




Instagram Photo Key Holders

Photo Monogram Collage

Family Name Photo Collage Art | Sweet Tea & Saving Grace

Box of Sunshine

12 Months of Dates

12 Months of Dates - A Date Through History | Sweet Tea & Saving Grace

2 Responses

  1. So, I was just reading through my favorite newsletter (cough…YOURS!) when my eyes lit up to see a leetle book I recognized had been featured on your blog this week.

    Now, allow me to paint a picture of my many different reactions while watching your video:

    -waves and waves of chills
    -smiling so wide, my face hurt
    -getting all blushy-faced
    -audibly saying, “Oh my goodness,” at least 5 different times when you said something that made my heart swell (especially when you were talking about our friendship!)
    -prayers of gratitude for God putting you in my life and you in mine. seriously, just when I think, “There’s no way I could feel any more loved by Kirsten than I already do,” you go and make a video like this.
    -laughing out loud at you calling me a genius followed by a gift-giving goddess. Whenever I need a confidence boost, I will re-watch this.
    -feeling such a kindredness to you (for the 100th time), especially as you shared your own philosophies of gift-giving and what means the most to you and your fam
    -feeling utterly inspired by the ways you used photos to create such meaningful gifts and keepsakes for your family

    I don’t feel deserving of a video like this, but thank you for believing in me and in this book, and for being the amazing woman you are.

    Sending you an attack-hug (the kind that is so strong, it almost knocks you down) and a mason jar full of love,


  2. Lauren!!! Seriously, can you feel the love between us? You are such a tremendous blessing in my life and it is an honor to support you in anything & everything you do. This little video is so minor, and I honestly had grander plans for it, but life got in the way (bless it).

    I’m so glad you & Mark enjoyed it, though! I’m glad it gave you a virtual grab-bag of emotions, too! I love when that happens!

    The book is incredible. YOU, the heart behind it, is what is truly epic, though. I just love you to pieces 🙂

    And that hug? I’ll take it! We are GOING to make a get-together happen in 2016 and that big attack-hug is gonna happen!



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