Trick or Treat Jar

I’ve got a super easy craft for you this week, and I think it’s something the kiddos will love…unless they get tricked!
Wanna make a Trick-or-Treat Jar?  Here’s how:
1.  Gather your scrap Halloween paper
2. Cut into little pieces, big enough to write notes on – don’t be too perfect.  Random sizes and shapes are fine for this project.
3. Write “Tricks” and “Treats” on the pieces of paper.
For my “Tricks”, I wrote things like, “Do the dishes”, “Help with Laundry”, “Clean the Toilet”…
For my “Treats”, I wrote things like, “Play your favorite video game”, “20 minutes extra playtime”, “You get a back rub”, etc.
4. Roll each piece of paper and seal with a little glue dot or double-sided tape.
5. Tie them up in pretty little bows.
6. Put them in a cute little jar, and voila!
I added a cute little printable from The Graphics Fairy.
See?!  Easy, peasy, lemon squeezy 🙂
Now go make a Trick-or-Treat Jar for your little boys and ghouls (HAHA – I’m so clever!).  Just make sure there’s an equal amount of tricks and treats!


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