Twas the Week Before Christmas

Today is my last “business day” of the year here on the blog, friends.  I’ll be spending the last two weeks of the year with my family and friends and soaking up the sounds, smells, and tastes of Christmas, and I can’t wait!  I’ve got big plans for this blog in 2015, and I’m looking forward to sharing them with you.  In the meantime, however, I hope you enjoy your Christmas season.

Twas the Week Before Christmas  |  Sweet Tea & Saving GraceI’d like to leave you with one final little post here on Sweet Tea & Saving Grace.  I wrote a poem…and I’m not a poet, and I don’t even consider myself a writer, really, but I wrote it, regardless.  Remember that, while you can be overstimulated with gorgeous homes, decorations, packaging, and crafts during the holiday season, there really is only one Reason, and that’s to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.

Merry Christmas friends!  See you next year!


Twas the Week Before Christmas  |  Sweet Tea & Saving Grace


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