Twelve on the 12th Layout

Have you participated in the Take Twelve project?  I love it – and I am super thrilled with my layout for March.  Rather than documenting a “day in the life” like I did in January and February, I went a little different route this month.  Since March 17th is St. Patrick’s Day, I decided to take 12 pictures of things that I’m lucky to have in my life!
I used a Design B page protector from Becky Higgins.  All 12 of my images were horizontal, so I put six 2×3 pictures on each side.  I used the three 4×6 vertical spaces on each side to decorate my Take Twelve.
I embellished the front side with a cute little key and ribbon, and spelled out “Lucky 12” with chipboard and cardstock elements.
I made a rainbow using mat stock in various colors and a 2″ scalloped circle punch.  LOVE!
Ain’t it purty?!
The front side images from top left to bottom right are:  My daddy (who I lost when I was 19), My daughter, My mom (that’s my cell phone showing our daily calls to one another!), My Thirty-One stuff (just became an Independent Consultant – GO ME!), My family (that’s Mark and our furbabies), and Music (Mark’s guitars)
Here’s the back side of my March 12th layout.
For this side, I used cardstock, chipboard letters, tags and washi tape.  I spelled out “Count Your Blessings” and used a few numbers.  🙂
The images on this side from the top left to bottom right are: Our tax refund (YAY!  Money from the government!), Steady paycheck (a picture of my work space), My faith (picture of my favorite verse in the Bible, 1 Peter 5), Dinner (our pizza – LOL!), My blog (love it!), and Creativity (my craft room).
I’ve said it a thousand times, but I love Project Life.  And I love opportunities to do something a little different and fun, like the Take Twelve project.
I hope you enjoy my layout!

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  1. I love what you’ve done with your 12 pictures! You really managed to capture so many facets of your life, including the furbabies (which I love!)


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