Woodstock Market

Alright friends, you want to know how you can tell that I really love you?  Because today I’m sharing my secret shopping spot with you – the place where I find treasures and one-of-a-kind vintage items for my home.  I’m taking you to Woodstock Market!

01From the moment you walk in, Woodstock Market surrounds you with the most unique and awesome home decor treasures you’ll find anywhere.  It’s truly a feast for the eyes.

02Imagine 4500 square feet of booth after booth of vintage, antique, and handmade pieces.  This is one place that my husband even enjoys!

03In addition to the fabulous booths set up by over 125 vendors, Woodstock Market also hosts Market Days on the first weekend of each month.  Anyone can set up a booth to sell their handmade and vintage goodies to the public, regardless of being a regular vendor or not.

04Woodstock Market also hosts Junk Day six times each year.  It’s essentially a massive yard sale, or as they refer to it, “a swap meet on steroids”.  You can sell anything but clothing, which means you can probably find anything you can imagine!

05This place is worse for me than Target.  I can get in and out of Target with only what I went in there for, but not Woodstock Market.  You can’t really plan what you’re going to buy – you just go and shop and find something amazing that is begging to be taken home.

06I really have to limit my visits because I’d go broke if I stopped by too often.  There’s always something I want.

07From furniture to frames, mason jars to machine parts, there’s something for everyone (and every home) at Woodstock Market.

08You might even bump into Laura from ReThunk Junk while you’re there!  She sells hand-painted furniture, teaches painting classes, and sells her line of paints!

09This gorgeous Royal typewriter came home with me on my last trip to Woodstock Market.  Ain’t she purty!  I’ve wanted an old typewriter since we bought our house two years ago, so I was thankful to finally be able to find one for a decent price.  She’s perfect!

You better believe I’ll be heading back again soon to pick up a few other goodies I have my eye on!

Stop by Woodstock Market online for further details about the market, events, and classes.

*I am not affiliated with or paid by Woodstock Market.  This review is simply my own opinion of Woodstock Market and all information reflects my own experiences.  I simply love where I live and wish for others to enjoy their visit to Georgia!

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7 Responses

  1. Hey Kirsten,
    I’ve sold at Woodstock Market since it opened the new location a couple years ago. Thanks so much for sharing! You really captured what sets it apart in your great photos! I just checked to be sure you’re a member of the Atlanta Home/DIY Blog group. So glad to see you are and look forward to meeting you really soon.
    All the best!

  2. Hey Stacy! I love, love, love this place so much. That’s so cool that you sell there! I hope we can meet very soon – thanks so much for stopping by today!

  3. Hey Kirsten,

    I am a new reader and we are neighbors! Love what I am reading so far. =D



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